Ibycus Topo on a new computer.
Ken in Cape Breton
This is probably a question for Ken or Terry but anyone who knows how to do this or can point me to a thread on the site that explains it, please let me know.

I've been using Dale's Ibycus Topo on my laptops and desktops and handheld since back in 2008. It is great, in some ways better than Garmin's Topo Canada v2. I'd like to install it on a couple of new computers we purchased recently. Unfortunately I no longer have the original install file (or I don't think I do?) or disk that was burnt from that.

What I do have is a folder on my computer called "Ibycus Topo" and it contains the following files and folders:

A file named "IbycusTop", type of file is "Disk Image File"

A file named "IbycusTop.mdx", type of file is "MDX File"

A file named "IbycusTop.tdb", type of file is "TDB File"

A folder called "imgs" with 1,786 files inside which are also "Disk Image File" type with 8 digit numbers for names.

Can I make a installation disc from these files? I haven't tried that yet as I'm not sure how, I don't burn disks very often.

The computers I'd like to install Ibycus Topo on are running Windows 7 if that matters. I'd be making the disk (if that is the best way to go) on a Windows 7 computer as well.
I'm not sure that will work because it won't modify the registry. If you have the old computer, install GMTK. Use it to transfer the backup to a disk or your new computers. Install GMTK on the new computers and use it to restore from that backup.

Sorry, forgot to include the link just in case you don't already have GMTK.


It is a great tool that every Garmin map user should have.

Ken in Regina
Yes, Terry has nailed it. Use the Backup/Restore feature of JaVaWa's excellent GMTK. Back it up from the existing system onto a flash drive and then restore it onto the new computer. The beauty of this approach is that it works perfectly for maps that are installed to the Registry because it creates the necessary Registry entries and everything.

Of course you will also have to install GMTK on the new computer.

GMTK is definitely the way to go, it makes moving maps pretty much a "no-brainer".
Ken in Cape Breton
As the only computer I had with Ibycus Topo 2.1 installed was at work and I was at home I tried something different. I Googled around a bit and found this post online in a blog: Ibycus Topo - Free Garmin Compatible Mapping for Canada


Part of the blog said this:

If you're only interested in a relatively small area of Canada (or like me, a narrow corridor across the country), an earlier version of the mapping, Ibycus Topo 2.1, is currently hosted at http://www.mediafire.com/acrosscanadatrails in the directory "NTS Grid (all data)".

From there I found this file location online: http://www.mediafire.com/acrosscanadatrails#on2icg9uz9udo

...where there was a copy of the Ibycus Setup files in a zip. I downloaded that, unzipped it, moved the files included into the same folder as the files I noted in my first post in this thread and and ran the setup. It all installed just fine and works the way it should. I tried it on a second computer and that went fine too.

So this is another approach if you are looking for 2.1
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