iPad app comparable to Streets and Trips
I have been using Streets and Trips for 5 years to plan multi-stop motorcycle trips. For the last two years I have been looking for an app to take its place for my iPhone and iPad. After spending more than $60 and trying out several apps, I have finally found one. Check into InRoute.

I have created over 50 multi stop trips. One point it took me six hours to duplicate 40 of them that I had in Streets and Trips.

Not only that you can use it with Apple, Google, Waze, and Navigon for navigation. You can also download the GPX. You can also share the file through email or messaging.

For $3.99 it is deathly worth it.
Ken in Regina
Thanks for the tip, Dave. It's easy to find navigation apps for mobile devices. It's not so easy to find a good trip planning app.

It's limits so far are:

25 stops. But I have found S&T slow at that many stops. You have to split it up.

When you load a trip into any app but Navigon, it only gives you a leg at a time. It then notifies you to load the next leg. I am on a bike, I often can't react to the notification fast enough. You can go back and load the next leg, but I am probably going to buy Navigon ($40) just because it works with this app.

Bookmarks need folders and sorting capabilities. I now have over 70 bookmarks.

I have emailed them. They respond immeadiately.
Glad to hear that decent smartphone apps are coming along; thanks for researching this.

I am not so sure about you concerns about S&T route stops, however. I have had routes with 75 to 100 stops function adequately without being broken down into segments if the number pushpins is kept under control.
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