Looking for GPS Software for PC & PPC
I'm going to be buying a Dell XPS M1530 running Windows Vista and would like to run GPS software on it. I also have an HTC X7501 Advantage PPC running Windows Mobile 6 and it has built in GPS but I have no software for it.

I have a few questions.

1. Is there GPS software that I can buy that will work on both devices?

2. What GPS software do people recommend for notebook PCs?

3. What GPS software do people recommend for PPC devices like my HTC Advantage?

4. Can I use the GPS receiver in my HTC Advantage with my notebook?

Thanks for your help!
Marvin Hlavac
Hi whoster69,

iNav iGuidance gives you the option to install on both, your laptop and your PPC. Here's a, but I don't think I included any PDA screenshots there. I have iGuidance installed on both, my PC and my PDA phone.

Not sure about the answer for your question # 4.
How does iNav iGuidance 4.0 compare to others?

Thank you for the reply!
I'm big fan of Garmin Mobile XT software. If I remember correctly the HTC X7501 has a built in GPS receiver, the Garmin XT software can be order on a SD, MiniSD, & MicroSD memory card, so you can just plug it into the HTC and follow the on screen setup and you should be good to go.

Personally I use Garmin's Mobile 10 XT software with the Bluetooth GPS from Garmin. This allows me to load the software from the DVD onto to any memory card I need, since I switch devices a lot, but don't loose the Garmin GPS, that is the key that unlocks the map software. I'm currently using the software on a 1gig. MicoSD memory card in a AT&T tilt with the Garmin B.T. GPS. This allows me to store about half the USA maps on the 1gig card. So far I've had very good results with the mapping software and the Traffic data uses the phones GPRS data network to pull this traffic data.

Overall its been good experience.

I this helps?
So Garmin Mobile XT will work on both my PC and my X7501? That's good to hear! Yes this does help! Now I have two options to look at.
I think I may have miss understood your question. Garmin mobile XT works operates on Windows mobile, Plam, & Symbian OS devices. Garmin Mobile 10 XT uses MapInstall to place the maps on in the memory card and it will work with MapSource and Garmn nRoute. If you need a laptop solution then Garmin mobile PC is the better solution.

I have iGuidance and its a good program for both Pocket PC and Windows laptop, but I prefer the Garmin products.

Hope this helps again.
Oh. OK. Thanks for straightening me out on that.
Right now you have an alternative to Garmin and it's called iGO 8. It's made by a Hungarian company called Nav N Go. Maps are available for purchase on There is a Windows PC version and Windows Mobile version for this software.
I use Copilot software for navigation on my laptop and on my iPhone. I believe it was about $99.00 US (laptop version). You will need the software and a GPS receiver for the laptop. I use a USB GPS receiver, and I do not know if a serial port GPS receiver is available. Many of my fellow field service techs use this software on their laptops and from all reports I get it has performed very well.

I hope this helps, may your travel be safe!

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