Help me understand Android compatability
Things are pretty easy on iOS… for the most part apps run across the full range of Apple devices. Evidently not so simple on Android.

Two major GPS apps that I've read a lot about are not compatible with my Dell Venue tablet (Android 4.4.4). ALK CoPilot isn't compatible and neither is TwoNav.

Why is that? CoPilot says it's compatible with Android 2.2 or greater, TwoNav says Android 1.6 or greater. Google play says "your device is not compatible". Is that because my tablet doesn't have a built-in GPS? CoPilot's site says it works with internal and external GPS receivers. There are a lot of other GPS apps that are compatible with my tablet. All the current tablets I looked at seem to be running Android 4.4.
Originally Posted by Boyd
Is that because my tablet doesn't have a built-in GPS?
Apparently this is the problem… ugh. The Garmin GLO seems to work fine with the tablet, and it's odd that ALK says an external GPS is compatible but Google play won't let me download.

Both the 3740 and the 3840 don't have GPS chips. Only the LTE versions. They use your WiFi access point for your location. Google has a database with SSID's and their location. Therefore, as long as you are in range of a WiFi access point and has internet access you can locate yourself.

A lot of apps require GPS chips, even if the apps primary function is not GPS navigation. They want to know your location for target ads and monitoring purposes. The only thing you can do is email the developer and ask them to support your device.
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