Looking for a S&T replacement but looking for some specialty items
I drive all the time for work and I loved the MS Streets & Trips but I am looking for something that will work for me.

Looking for Navigation. Using a USB GPS puck BT353 I think is the model of the puck.

Router planner with multiple stop points (the gps I use right now only gives me one "via" in my route.)

Time Tracker while on site. (to track my work time at each stop)

Needs to be offline usable and later may add a cellular connection to the wifi for online functions but that was the beauty of Street and Trips. BING maps is such a let down for a replacement.

I am sure there are other things I used but that is the stuff I am looking for mainly that I used to use in S&T.

I have a laptop and may either use this on a windows system or design a computer just for the truck and in that case will look at a Buntu stye OS.

Mostly for tracking my where abouts and billing customers would be nive to tie this in with a invoice system but I already have that covered.
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