GIS mapping similar to Streets & Trips price and features

I am looking around for something like S&T moved away from Delorme a long time ago to 2004 S&T now I have bought a Delorme just for the areas that do not have good coverage for internet plus BING Maps is a lite version of Streets which is a lite version of Mappoint.

I thought MS was into making software with features

Looks like copilot has a lot of features I used but already bought this years map software so will be a few years before I myself try Copilot but the list of features matches my needs. The Price was similar to the $30-$60 I would pay at Best Buy every 4 years.

If you need a Commercial alternative the same company has a Professional version at http://www.pcmiler.com/
That one is out of the range of my needs at this time maybe back in 2005 when I was driving cross country but today I just need TX and at that just about 4,000 Miles radius of Dallas Fort Worth Airport.
We're just glad you cut down from cross-country to only 4,000 miles radius of DFW.
Yes that is a fair sized chunk of the North Atlantic :-)
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