Import GPX not working in my Streets & Trips 2013
I am trying to add the time zones to my S&T 2013. This is on a second computer. I have done it on one computer. I have read all the info on the OTZ website. Problem is my S&T Import GPX does not function - the words do not highlight and clicking does nothing. My other computer works fine. Why would the Data functions stop working? Glitch? Reload? The Import Data Wizard Works and the letters highlight etc. But only the Import Data Wizard function shows up - none of the other functions under Data work. I have tried everything I can think of short of Uninstall and re-install the disk. Windows 7.
I fixed it. I have not idea what the problem was/is. Just kept fooling around. Did a "Configure GPS" and it started working again. Import GPX then showed up and doing the import to Overlay time zones worked just fine. Another weird glitch I guess.
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