Deleting the stock POIs from CoPilot Truck Android
I have CoPilot Live Truck for Android on a tablet that I use in my tractor trailer. To keep it simple I would like to completely delete the POI library that comes with the app and use only the custom POI libraries that I upload. I don't need to know where the churches, airports and banks are, and they tend to clutter up my menus and search results. All I'm interested in are truck stops, rest areas and weigh stations and I already have those in .ov2 format ready to go.

Can someone suggest where I might find the files I need to delete?

--OR--if that isn't possible, how can I load the custom POI's so that they will appear at the top of the menu? I tried using an underscore as the first character of the POI set name but that forced them to the bottom of the list instead of the top.
Ken in Regina
Try using numbers at the start of the POI set names. If numbers don't sort to the top the final option is to use letters. Thus, put "aa" then "aaa" etc. at the start.

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