Up to date Garmin maps for cruise holiday needed
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For ten years I have tracked and recorded the course taken by the ship that I have travelled on when enjoying a cruise holiday. I have used a Garmin GPS18 USB connected to a laptop computer. The GPS unit is attached to the outside of the ship with the built-in magnet and usually requires one, sometimes two, 5M usb extension cables. It has always worked O.K. and I am anticipating that it will do so on a cruise to Norway from Liverpool later this month.
The problem is the maps. Originally I used Garmins "City Navigator Europe V8" and then when travelling beyond the scope of this map (to the Caribbean and Iceland) "WorldMap V4 was purchased and used. Because these maps are old and many of the ports have been enlarged and changed the ship is regularly "berthed" in the sea away from any land structures. This is particularly evident at St. Petersbourg, where a completely new port facility has been constructed in what shows as open water on the City Nav map.
Can anybody suggest an up to date map or maps that would alleviate this problem. I am aware that if nothing exists that is compatible with the GPS18 I may need to upgrade from this.

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The GPS 18 is only hardware. I expect at that age, the software you are using is Garmin nRoute. It still works on modern computers and can use virtually any GPS with the help of GPS Gate.

As to how to get more modern maps, I'm not sure if you can buy them from Garmin. If you can, they won't work with nRoute without the help of MapReverseConverter to get them back to the old format.

So, if the maps are available, you can continue to use them with your software. And you can upgrade to a more modern GPS if necessary.

Garmin Maps - https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/maps/on-the-road-maps/city-navigator-nt/city-navigator-europe-nt/prod6299.html

Mapreverseconverter - http://www.javawa.nl/cne2009_multilang.html

GPS Gate - http://gpsgate.com/products/gpsgate_client

You could also look at OpenStreetMap. There are several sources for these, one of them is http://garmin.openstreetmap.nl

If you are using nRoute, then you will need the version of OSM that can be installed in Mapsource. I don't use these myself so I can't help with the specifics. But the good thing is that the maps are free.

http://www.gpsfiledepot.com/maps/ is another source of free Garmin maps, especially topo maps. It tends to be rather US-centric however. Again, you would want maps that are compatible with Mapsource.
Ken in Regina
First of all, if the GPS18 and the associated GPS software you are using meets your needs and is still currently functioning, don't mess with it. It will still work fine with newer maps. All you need are newer maps for the areas of interest.

This site will get you free maps for pretty much anywhere in the world.


Zoom in on the desired area to be able to better select the sections you want. It's worth spending a bit of time to understand the site and how to get the type of maps you want (e.g. to use in Mapsource/Basecamp on the PC for planning or to use directly on the GPS unit for navigation) but it's priceless when you know how to get the most from it.

I used it to get maps for tracking our Caribbean cruise a couple of years ago from New Jersey to the eastern Caribbean. On the ship I used Mapsource and nRoute on a netbook with the Garmin GPS 10x Bluetooth GPS. I also use the site to occasionally refresh my maps of western Canada. I have a Garmin iQue 3600A that can no longer use the newer format of City Navigator maps but works just fine with maps built from the OpenStreetMaps files.


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