Want Alpha Garmin to show map on tablet
How do I get the alpha 100 map to show up on a tablet?? HELP!!!!
What kind of tablet? AFAIK, the only way this could be done is with a tablet that runs the full Windows operating system. The companion for the alpha is called "Basestation" and is part of Garmin Basecamp software. Basecamp only runs on MacOSX and Windows. It does not run on iOS or Android.

See this: http://support.garmin.com/support/searchSupport/case.faces?caseId=%7Bc05dac80-80fa-11e2-65d0-000000000000%7D

More info here: https://garminbasecamp.wikispaces.com/BaseStation
Will it work on a nextbook? THANK YOU BOYD!!!!
Can I use my laptop?? By downloading some application?
What is a "nextbook"? Do you mean "netbook"? What operating system does it run?

You need Garmin Basecamp software, it's free. Assuming you have a computer running a recent version of Windows (Windows 7, 8 or 10) you can download it here:


That version will not run on Windows XP, and I don't think it will run on Vista either. They offer an older version for these operating systems, however I don't know if that version will support the Alpha.


I tried Basecamp on a Windows netbook that I owned about 6 years ago and it ran but it was sluggish. I still have an HP Slate 500 tablet that runs Windows 7 and have used that with Basecamp too. That tablet has a CPU comparable to many netbooks. Again, Basecamp worked but it was slow. A more modern tablet like the Surface Pro should run Basecamp more acceptably. But it will not run on Windows RT based tablet, it needs the full version of Windows.

No idea how all of this would work with your Alpha though, since I've never used one.
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