Copilot Live Laptop V8 on Windows 10?
The issues with gloves, motorcycles and lack of an Android app are valid concerns. But none of them are relevant to me.

As for the rest… my iPhone is much MUCH bright than any Nuvi I've owned. I also have a Montana and the transreflective screen is great, but not necessary in my car. My 5.5" iPhone screen is also bigger than all my Nuvis. My 7" Dezl screen is larger, but it's size means that I have to mount it farther away, so the phone screen appears visually larger. I really like this mounting location, puts the map with the other instruments.

I used a spring-loaded Bracketron cradle from Best Buy and chopped up the mount so I could screw it to the dashboard.

I just leave the cradle in place, but it pops out in a second if needed. Apple's "lightning" connector is really easy to pop in and out for power, and the cable is semi-permanently installed with the power supply inside the center console. It is actually a micro-USB cable with a little adapter for the phone, so if I remove that my Nuvi 3550 can mount in the same spot.

So the phone pops in and out in a couple seconds, it's really fast and easy. And I don't have to check to be sure I've brought my phone when I get in the car. Since it's also the GPS, it's obvious that I have it. There is no need to "turn on the GPS" on my phone, unless I want to use my GLO. And I don't do that for automotive use anymore, have been very impressed with the built-in GPS, it is certainly as good as any of my Nuvis (probably better, since it uses GLONASS). Starting the app is just a tap of the screen, and I just leave it running when I get out of the car, unless I'm done for the day.

It's very annoying that they don't let you load alternate maps. If you want maps for more than one region, you actually buy separate copies of the same app. I have both the EU and NA versions of the app, but have uninstalled the EU version until the next time I go there.

Aside from that, it really isn't much of a problem. There are better apps for topo maps and aerial imagery. So I just switch between them when I want something else, they can all run at the same time.

For years I resisted using a phone for a GPS. But things have changed a lot now, and I can't see any advantage to dedicated devices anymore for my style of use.
Ken in Regina
Hi Boyd,

Yes, each of us have a different set of circumstances that affect our choices. Nice creative mount setup.

After 2 1/2 years of badgering them I finally got CoPilot v8 laptop to work with Windows 10 in compatibility mode for Windows 7. Since I did I am not impressed since there seems to be no scenic routes. I am retired and wanting the more beautiful back roads for my 40' rv. I am in no hurry anymore.
Ken in Regina
Hi and welcome to the forum!

For what it's worth, I'm running CoPilot Laptop v9 (newer than v10) on my Windows tablet in native Windows 10. Compatibility mode is not needed.

CoPilot is like the majority of navigation apps. It's design to get you somewhere the quickest/shortest way possible. If you want scenic routes in any of them it's quite possible and not difficult to create them yourself.

What is "scenic" and interesting for you might not be the least bit interesting for me. You might actually mean "scenic" literally and be looking for routes that take you to visually interesting places via visually interesting roads. I might think of a scenic trip as something that takes me to historic places via historically interesting routes. Others may have distinctly different thoughts when they talk about taking a "scenic" trip.

So you have to create those routes yourself. There are plenty of resources out there to help you with that. CoPilot makes it pretty easy to create complex, off-the-beaten-path, routes once you have decided what you want to see.

Driving a 40' RV makes this a much more difficult issue of trade-offs that only you can decide on. If, for instance, your personal definition of scenic routes includes pretty backroads, that big bus is going to create headaches for you that you need to scope out yourself in piecing together a route.

For instance, the navigation software can't possibly know what amount of twisty-turny driving you can tolerate. Most people driving big units like yours want to STAY in scenic places but want to GET THERE via highways that are really easy to drive on. All they need to do is decide where they want to go and CoPilot and other standard navigation apps will give them just the kind of route they want for getting there.

If I recall correctly, CoPilot v10 has an advantage that most standard nav apps do not. I believe it will take the size of your vehicle into account and make sure you will avoid low bridges and things like that. If the version you presently have won't do that, CoPilot definitely has a version that will.

The previous version(s) of the regular "CoPilot USA" for Android, and the current 'All New CoPilot' version 10.2.x (1/25/17), include the option to choose vehicle type for routing optimization.

"CoPilot USA" for Android version 10.2.x includes these Vehicle Routing Profiles: an Auto, RV, Motorcycle, Bicycle & Walking, each of which allow some adjustments to be made. For example, the RV Vehicle Routing Profile allows three height restriction choices: None, 12.5 ft & 13 ft., and gives the option to avoid toll roads, ferries, propane restricted tunnels, etc., and also to adjust "Road Preferences" to avoid or favor different types of roads.

So, even the most basic $10 version of CoPilot has a lot of options like these that are lacking in its competitors. For instance, I just checked TomTom Go, which is subscription-based ($50 for 3 years) and although it does allow users to avoid ferries, toll roads or unpaved roads, and has "Winding route," "Walking" & "Bicycle" options, I don't see any way to chose a vehicle type.

The "CoPilot RV" and "CoPilot Truck" versions add the ability to specify the vehicle size, including length. The RV version is probably almost the same as the Truck version, except lacking the functions that are specifically taylored to commercial trucking rule compliance.

Maybe the RV version does other route optimizations based on vehicle size, but just having the RV Vehicle Routing Profile in the base version is one advantage CoPilot has over its nearest competitors, especially considering the cost of CoPilot USA (Android) is only ten bucks. CoPilot 9.x for Windows, which costs $20, also includes an "RV" vehicle type.

FWIW, "CoPilot RV" (Android) costs $60, is still at version 9.6.x (3/22/16) and is not available on Windows.

CoPilot version numbering scheme is confusing when referring to versions older than the current 9 & 10, and the Windows platform typically takes a year or more to be updated to match iOS/Android.

ALK Tech support recently informed me that:
"At this moment, unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee if and when Windows Laptop v10 will be implemented."
"there is no upgrade path available from Version 9 Laptop to Version 10 Laptop."

So, unlike Android, which automatically updated from 9.x to 10.x on my tablet, this means shelling out $20 if & when v10 laptop comes out (which could be two years from now), but that's still a bargain considering that CoPilot for Windows cost $100 several years ago.
Originally Posted by wandrr
After beating my head against the ALK website, I now ask this question here:

Does Copilot Live for Laptop version 8 run on Windows 10, specifically 64 bit?

Thanks folks. No clear answers anywhere I have been able to find.
I have also been unable to get Copilot Live laptop V8 on my laptop with windows 10 64 bit. I paid a lot of money for software that does not work!
Ken in Regina
Hi safetechie,

How long have you had CoPilot Live Laptop V8? It's a really old version. Back in March 2017 when I posted above that CoPilot laptop V9 was working in windows 10 for me, V9 was already two versions newer than V8 at the time.

What sort of behaviour are you seeing? Does it refuse to install? Does it refuse to run? Are you getting some sort of error messages?

If I recall correctly, you can't even install v8 on Win 10. It just refuses.

I need ,a product key, for reinstalling my Copilot Live V8 truck laptop..I cleaned up,
my pc, and cant find, my product key..Ive looked in my emails, I believed ,I erased the email, bt mistake.
Originally Posted by TWBRIGMAN@GMAIL.COM
I need ,a product key, for reinstalling my Copilot Live V8 truck laptop..I cleaned up,
my pc, and cant find, my product key..Ive looked in my emails, I believed ,I erased the email, bt mistake.
I answered your email with the key again. V8 Truck/RV works on Win XP, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.
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