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Hi Everyone,

I'm new to this forum and the world of GPS in general. I've enrolled into a GIS class and there is an assignment to record coordinates for a few locations. I bought a Garmin GPS 18x USB to use with my laptop to do this but am having a time trying to find software to read the output. I really have no current need for navigation software, I really just want to record coordinates. I'd like a least cost solution but will buy what I need to do this.
Further down the road I'd like some serious software that will handle all the technical output. But still won't require any real nav software.

Thanks John
I can't remember if the GPS 18x USB can put out anything NMEA related. I know the serial version does but think the USB version cannot.

Regardless, GPS Gate can find your GPS 18xUSB and put out a NMEA data stream you can use with any simple GPS reader. It might even show the data with its own functionality. You will be able to figure out latitude and longitude from reading the NMEA data and it won't cost a penny.


See GPSGate Splitter on that page.

Another simpler approach might be nRoute. It will talk to your GPS 18x and you can read the lon/lat on the Satellites tab.

You can download it here:


But you will need another program to set up your computer to install it. I think JaVaWa GMTK will do that.


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