How to create a LabVIEW program to read and display data from BU-353 S4 GPS
Hi all! I am starting a new project on how to create a LabVIEW program to read and display data from the BU-353S4 GPS itself. However, I am a newbie and I have no idea on how to do that. Any ideas on where to start?
Ken in Regina
The BU353 outputs the data as an NMEA data stream. You can start by searching for information that lists and describes the NMEA sentence types and determine which ones you want to read and display.

The BU353 physically connects to the USB port but requires a USB-to-Serial driver to make the data available through a COM port. How you will deal with this will depend on what type of computer and operating system you are using for the project.

It's difficult to provide anything more detailed without some details of what platform (computer type, operating system and version, etc.) you will be using and what, in simple English, data you think you want to read and display.

Or you can simplify the whole thing and just download and install a program that already knows how to read and display NMEA data from a device like the BU353.

LabVIEW looks quite cool but, at the end of the day, just another tool. The BU-353S4 is yet another tool so it is a bit like saying you have a screwdriver and a front-loader and now what sort of building should you build.

Over to you. You need an objective.
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