1 meter accuracy Bluetooth GPS receiver
Pretty interesting product: the Bad Elf GNSS Surveyor. While $600 isn't exactly cheap, it's a lot less than anything else that claims this accuracy…


Article here: http://www.fulcrumapp.com/blog/gps-testing-with-bad-elf-gnss-surveyor/

Interesting how it performs much better when stationary and away from tree cover. That is also what I found with the Garmin GLO. I have been using the GLO for the past few days in an attempt to make a more accurate map of the trails and the stream on my property. Under tree cover (even this time of year), I am seeing variations in the neighborhood of +/- 5 meters. So a track of the trail that runs beside the stream often appears to be in the stream.

Here is another interesting article comparing different devices in a forest environment, including the Garmin GLO, GPSMap 64, Bad Elf Surveyor and other very expensive devices from Trimble and SXBlue.

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