Can Garmin Basecamp use USB GPS receiver, or what software is best for this?
Ok, I just got my GlobalSat BU-353-S4 USB GPS Receiver
I have it running on my laptop and my tablet that is running 8.1. I have a few questions
1. Can I get Basecamp to see this location from that receiver
2 If not what is the best software for this
I want to have some tracks in the gps software that I can follow. I also want topo maps of a state. I want a large screen and would like to see my tracks with forest roads.
I am not looking for turn by turn or time calculations or any of that. I just want to track and follow track.
1. Basecamp cannot be used for navigation with a GPS receiver, it just allows you to use Garmin format maps on your computer and exchange data with their dedicated GPS devices.

2. IMO, there really aren't any good Windows programs for this anymore. Garmin used to make a program called MobilePC that was pretty good in its day, but it is discontinued and no longer available. There is a very old program called nRoute that still works with Garmin format maps but is really outdated. Very awkward to use on a tablet and also sluggish.

Have a look at this recent thread, a variety of options are discussed:
Delorme sells Street Atlas that they say works with this device. has anyone used it?
Ken in Regina
Originally Posted by clancy10
Delorme sells Street Atlas that they say works with this device. has anyone used it?
For your purposes DeLorme's Topo North America product might be a better fit. I have tested a much earlier version of it as well as Street Atlas and they worked well with the GlobalSat BU-353 and a couple of Bluetooth GPS receivers I have. In fact DeLorme includes the BU-353 with at least one of their products, if I recall correctly.

I'm in Canada so I was not very impressed with the DeLorme map data. This is apparently an issue in Alaska, too. But it seems they have done a good job in the continental US. For a subscription fee you can also add aerial imagery to the maps.

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