A replacement Microsoft AutoRoute?
I use a Motor Caravan to wander around England and a major part of the pleasure has been planning my journeys. I know that Microsoft with its classical distain for its customers has dumped AutoRoute and as I don't read computer magazines I have no idea if they intend to replace it. Having said that I still have a copy and for the better part it still works even with Windows 10 that is with an occasional blip where I key in an address and Post Code and all that appears on the AutoRoute map is the number of the site shown on the map and I can find no way to edit it.
I do have a TomTom GO 500 which will take me from place to place but I have to admit that my lack of technical skills has stopped me from downloading a TomTom map so I can't use that.
I am tight fisted and prefer to pay nothing for any software I buy but having said that I accept that it costs money to develop and there is a price for everything and in the case of free software that normally means advertisements and as a result I will pay to avoid those so now to my
Can anyone point me towards a digital map that I can use to input addresses carrying a Post Code which will show up on the map in a block and allow me to calculate a rout and its distance?
Ken in Regina
Have you tried Google Maps or Google Earth or HERE Maps or the native Windows 10 Maps app?

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