Terrain Navigator Pro, Windows 10, (Alts)
Good Day,

I am new to this form so I apologize if this was posted improperly.
I am looking for a mapping solution similar to Terrain Navigator Pro just not as expensive. TNP is nearly 400$ per state or a discounted 4195$ for the entire US.

My Priorities are as follows:
1. Offline Map Storage, (For Large Database)
2. USGS 24k Seamless Topo or NGIA 50k Topo
3. GPS Interfacing
4. Trip Planning
5. MGRS Coordinate System
6. Map Printing

Unfortunately TNP is outside of my price at this time. I need a mapping solution which I can download and store. If the topo is not USGS but similar quality that would work too.

Concept of Application:

The software would be loaded onto a rugged tablet which would then be taken into the field for offline use. Once at the staging area additional planning such as route, and waypoint modifications should be able to be completed. Additionally, I would like for the software to display the GPS position of the tablet. If the software can also print maps for analogue backups of a specific ORP that would be an added bonus. Lastly, the ability to program handheld gps units such as a Garmin etrex would be valuable when disseminating OPORD plans to different supporting units.

Tablet In Mind: Getac F110 with 512SSD

Any Ideas?

Sorry I don't know what ORP or OPORD means. You might have a look at CompeGPS Land, it runs on Windows and MacOSX and has a free 30 day trial. It also interfaces with their Android and iOS apps. See this thread:

You should not have to pay anything for the "classic" USGS topos, they are available for free from a number of sources however you need some technical knowledge to access and compile them.

The USGS makes their new topo product available for free on many platforms via the National Map. Personally, I don't care for these, but it what the USGS is currently maintaining and offering.

There is a free program called Mobile Atlas Creator that can download and process these and other maps in many different formats that can be used on Windows, iOS and Android. You could use its RMAP format to make maps for CompeGPS for example. But the CompeGPS program call also do this by itself.

Personally I find Android and iOS devices better than Windows for this kind of thing. OruxMaps runs on Android and is free, it's my favorite. I also use Galileo on iOS and it is very good too, it costs $9. About