Any recent experience with latest version of CoPilot?
Four years ago, I reviewed CoPilot Live (some of which is here).

I noticed that ALK now has an RV version, (currently $39.99), and that the free version (CoPilot GPS) now includes a 7-day free trial of the "full" version (CoPilot USA), so monetry cost isn't an issue, but the time I'd spend testing it is, considering how unimpressed I was four years ago.

So I wonder if anyone who has been using CoPilot on Android can tell me if they've made any real improvements since then, or has it been mainly bug fixes and map updates like so many other map/nav apps?


FWIW, CoPilot remains the only app to have RV-specific and big-truck specific versions, but as far as I'm concerned, it's too bad they haven't updated the non-truck Windows version in so long, especially considering that Windows tablets are far more readily available than they were four years ago. The truck version *might* be worth it (since I assume it will do everything the RV version will do) but without any trial version, it's too much of a gamble, considering the limitations of the Android/iOS version.
The Truck version has RV Mode. I don't have any data though from an RV'er specifically. But the truck version gets mostly high marks from my trucking clients.

CoPilot is no longer the only one. There is the SmartRoute from Teletype (who also started with the truck version and now have this: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.teletype.smartrvroute&hl=en

Sygic is also making one claiming to also have RV modes: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sygic.truck&hl=en

Rand McNally had one on the Android store last year, but I can't find it now.

And finally, yes there are folks still running Windows that continue to ask for the update for both truck and RV for Windows, but with the mobile versions selling at 500-to-1 verses Windows, they have not motivated to that particular business decision yet. Although the door is not closed I can say at least at this time.
Thanks for the tip on RV Route & GPS Navigation
I was not aware of that one.

I did go ahead and download the free CoPilot GPS app and it looks like it still has the same clunky PND-inspired interface it had four years ago, which requires going through a lot of different screens - each of which don't have much on them - to make simple selections. Manually altering a route is still way too much trouble on CoPilot, although at least it does provide that option, unlike Google Maps & Here Maps on android. I think the interface is still too much of a drawback for me even if the routing is drastically better than it used to be (which I doubt).

Even if the routing has improved, the map data is way out of date. As an example, CoPilot could not find the Ikea that opened in Kansas City in 2014, much less the one that opened in St. Louis last year. Google/Bing/Here/Mapquest all find both stores. CoPilot depends too much on the built-in link to a "Live" google search to fill in this gap, which partially defeats the purpose even when it uses the coordinates from google because it too often still can't find the street if it's not in its database.

I did notice that even this "basic" version gives the option to chose RV instead of a normal car, and choosing that did alter the routing to favor highways somewhat more. I guess maybe the full blown RV version allows more specifics about the size of the RV.
That RV Route & GPS Navigation was looking promising despite the subscription only pricing model, right up until I stumbled across these in the FAQs:

I want to go a different way than what the GPS shows, can I re-route?
"Yes, After you create a route you can use avoid or via to send truck the way you would like. You can also change from Truck Quickest to Truck Shortest."
>No mention of being able to manually change the route.

Can I download all the maps?
"No, you cannot download all the maps... By keeping the maps "in the cloud" and using your phone or tablet you will always have access to the most up to date maps."
>IMO, having no locally stored maps is a deal-breaker for something that costs over fifty bucks a year.

Then there's this jewel:
How can I obtain the most accurate route from a parking lot?

"The GPS will try to route you to the closest road even if it is an access road, therefore drive closer to the desired road to be used when exiting the parking area, then create the route."
>At least they're honest about it.
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