Rotating AutoRoute File Saved as Direction of Travel to North Up
Hi Laptop GPS World

We are now on our second day of driving in Europe. Yesterday we picked up the lease Renault Clio in St Cloud, just outside the Periphique (the circular freeway that runs around the city) at the 7 o'clock position on the clock.

We are now in St Dizier.

We navigate using a combination of the built in TomTom satnav and AR on the PC.

I much prefer AR as I can see where we are going (not while driving I emphasise). TomTom's view only shows about 200m ahead. You can zoom out but it very quickly returns to the default zoom. It is very frustrating.

Surprising as it may sound I find that there is a frustrating feature of AR.

My partner who does the navigation "needs" to have AR "Rotate map to follow travel direction" view enabled.

It drives me insane. I have to have North up view. My head feels as if it is going to explode - not angry just disorientated. I need it for what I call positional awareness. I need a fixed frame of reference. With the rotate view you are stuck in a perpetual now with no sense for where you are heading.

I am quite happy to use it on TomTom while driving but for planning on AR it has to be north up.

Tonight when we arrived at the hotel the .axe file was saved in rotate view. It is upside down!

All the GPS options are greyed out.

Is there any way to persuade AR to rotate it to north up, other than digging the Bluetooth GPS out of the backpack?

I have tried deleting the last point, replacing it and recalcing but that didn't work. Neither did Reverse route.

Any suggestions please?
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