Need to install Ver 3.0 help, Win 10
I have the latest 6.16.3 on my Win 7 32 bit desktop and need to get Mapsource installed on my Win 10 64 bit laptop. My original purchase CD set is ver 3.0 and will not install in order to create a base for upgrading to 6.16.3.

I tried to download and install the "Mapsource software for legacy operating systems" 6.16.3 from Garmin.com, but it says "WARNING: This software will not work unless you already own a MapSource product." Install failed right away with a message "can't find existing installation".

Any suggestions other than buying a new copy, which I don't see how to do?
Should be very simple. Use GMTK to prepare the Windows 10 machine. Then use it to copy your maps on the old machine to a USB flash drive. Finally, you can install the maps on the new machine with GMTK.

The message about existing installations is a bit of a smokescreen. Using GMTK in advance will "fool" the installer into thinking you already have a "mapsource product".


New PC? Use JaVaWa GMTK first, then install MapSource

When you use JaVaWa GMTK to transfer maps to a new PC it is higly recommended to do this before installing MapSource. The downloadable version of MapSource is an update version, that refuses to install when no older version exists. JaVaWa GMTK prepares, when necessary, automatically your PC so that MapSource will install properly.
This should be the place to download Mapsource: http://www8.garmin.com/support/download_details.jsp?id=209

However, we are seeing a lot of reports about certain maps having problems under Windows 10 with Basecamp. This may be related to changes in the Windows registry. Or it might also be related to changes Garmin has made to Basecamp. In that case, you will probably be OK since there haven't been any changes to Mapsource.
Thanks. All my maps are on an external drive, hence no need to backup / restore, correct? If I just install JaVaWa, then proceed with the downloaded Mapsource update, will it work?

Update. I just tried it and seems to work like before.

Now is there any way to install the East, West map datasets from the CD so I don't have to keep using the CD's?

Update 2. I uninstalled Mapsource then copied all the CD files/folders to C:\ folder, and installed again from there. Then reran the update setup. All is good!
Glad that it is working. But I am a bit surprised actually, you may find that there are some problems. You cannot simply copy the maps from one machine to another because the Windows registry is used by Mapsource and copying files does not create the needed registry entries.. This is why you should use GMTK, it takes care of all the details.

Not sure what you mean by East West mapsets? What map are you using? If it is an old, old version of US Topo, then see this FAQ from Garmin:


Can I install US TOPO v.3.00, v.3.01, or v.3.02 to the hard drive on my computer?


By design, US TOPO v.3.00, v.3.01, and v.3.02 require the original CDs to be in the disc drive to function. This is because the map image files are not copied to the hard drive during installation. If necessary, the maps may be installed to the hard drive using an unsupported alternative method. This alternate method is provided as a possible workaround and is not supported by Garmin.

Note: BaseCamp will not display these TOPO maps unless the alternate install has been performed.

Before performing this installation, uninstall the appropiate version of US TOPO from the computer.

Press Windows key + R
In the text box, type appwiz.cpl
Click OK
Right-click on the version of US TOPO to be uninstalled
Click Uninstall
Once the data is uninstalled, create a folder to save the map data from the discs:

Press Windows key + E
Open the C: drive
Open the Garmin folder1
Press CTRL + SHIFT + N on the keyboard to create a new folder
Change the name of the New Folder to US TOPO
1 Create a Garmin folder if it does not exist in this location.

After creating the US TOPO folder, transfer the data from the discs to the new folder:

Insert Disc 1 in the drive
If an autorun window appears, close the window
Press Windows key + E
Right-click on the disc drive
Click Open
Press Ctrl + A on the keyboard to select all the files and folders
Press Ctrl + C on the keyboard to copy all the files and folders
Open the newly created US TOPO folder
Press Ctrl + V to paste the files
Repeat these steps for Discs 2 and 3
After the data from all three discs have been completely copied to the US TOPO folder, run the installer:

Remove any US TOPO discs from the disc drive
Open the US TOPO folder
Run Setup.exe
Follow the prompts to complete the installation
When the installation begins, the installer may display a prompt about connecting to the internet to update the GPS device. If this occurs, select NO. When asked to confirm, select YES.

After the installation is complete, ensure that MapSource is up to date. The latest version of MapSource may be obtained at http://www.garmin.com/support/download_details.jsp?id=209

Now that US TOPO has been successfully installed to the hard drive, the map images will display on BaseCamp and MapSource without the discs inserted in the computer.

Note: If the US TOPO folder is moved or deleted, the maps will no longer function.
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