Streets and Trips with Garmin GLO

This is my first post and i'm just throwing this out there for now to see if anyone is interested

Back story:

I had purchased a Garmin GLO for S&T only to find out the update rate was too fast to work well with S&T (10Hz as opposed to 1Hz) and it caused S&T to be very skippy and I missed a bunch of turns in tight areas. Doing some research, I was unhappy to see that you can not change the update rate of the GLO. After much searching I was not able to find any software that would help with the sample rate reduction.

Last night I got bored and wrote a proxy for the GLO to S&T to meter the data and get a much better response.

I have tested it on Win 7 and Win 10 although it is just in a very rough condition currently.

With Win 7 I used the com0com serial port emulator to pass data to S&T
With win 10 I am using the trial of VSPD from Elitma. I believe com0com would work but it doesn't have signed drivers and I didn't fell like jumping through the hoops to get them installed right now.

If anyone is interested in the proxy I wrote respond here and I will get it up somewhere for D/L. The source will be included as well.

Ken in Regina
Did you try GPSGate Express?

I installed GPS gate splitter express, but I couldn't find anything that indicated it would slow the rate from the GPS to S&T. Also I didn't see a way to modify which NMEA sentences were passes and which ones weren't. S&T only seems to need 3 different sentences to navigate accurately (GPVTG, GPGGA and GPRMC) which effectively allows a 2 Hz update rate at 4800 baud.

Update I just did a run with GPSGate Express and still the same lag. Also seemed to have a hard time keeping the link the the Bluetooth GPS via both Bluetooth and virtual serial port when running on a Surface 3

Update 2: I think I may have misunderstood your original question. It seems I quite possibly could provide data to GPS Gate Splitter over UDP and I will look into this to replace the Com Port Emulators

So I was able to port data to GPSGate Express from the GLO over UDP at a rate that doen't seem to cause issues with S&T. Will be putting it to the test this weekend

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