What is the DW5800 ?
So in my hunt for laptop gps I learned there are some pretty savvy tech heads here,
I can do a lot on my pc's but some stuff I just need explained to me so since one of these has "gps" in the line I am hoping you can explain to me what the dw5800xxxxetc device is, why does it have different tags/written differently in the line, also I assume this is what gives this laptop the broadband, correct?
It came with a Verizon SIM but I have AT&T Data plan and I put in a AT&T SIM while it does "see" the AT&T broadband and has even connected the APN number keeps resetting to Version, is this a case of stuck to use Verison?

many thanks!

in device manager
> Modems > DW5800 4G (LTE-3G ) Mobile Broadband MiniCard

> network adaptors > DW5800 4G (LTE-3G ) Mobile Broadband Mini-Card Network Adaptor.

> Ports ( COM & LPT)
> DW5800 4G (LTE-3G ) Mobile Broadband MiniCard Diagnostic Port (COM6)
> DW5800 4G (LTE-3G ) Mobile Broadband MiniCard GPS Port (COM7)
> DW5800 4G (LTE-3G ) Mobile Broadband MiniCard Status Port (COM5)

The computer is dell e6420 xfr win 7 64
Ken in Regina
The DW5800 is a multipurpose module. As you can see from the devices list it is available to the appropriate software as a cellular data modem, a NIC (network interface card), and a GPS available as a serial device on COM7.

The other two COM ports will let you check the status of the module and do diagnostics on it, as you probably already guessed.

It sounds like yours is locked to Verizon if your AT&T sim won't work in it. Of course your AT&T account plan would have to include data and you might have to set the laptop up for AT&T's data network servers. They should have all that info online.

Verizon uses the CDMA system and AT&T uses GSM. Newer devices can probably work on both types of network, but older ones didn't. If you bought a Verizon phone a few years ago, you could not use it on AT&T for example.

Maybe LTE data works on both platforms though?
Thanks guys actually you two shined more light on it than I could find at either dell, ATT or all over google which is great and sad,
Perhaps you can help me figure out what I can do here.

The ATT sim is data and was activated by ATT they needed the IMEI number and I had to change the Verizon APN to ATT which seems to be a piece to this puzzle I will get back to in a second,

when I would click to see my connection options ATT broadband would show up at the top, it does see this as ATT however,

I could click connect and it was hit or miss, sometimes it would connect with no network other times it would refuse to connect, no rhyme or reason I then noticed that the APN would reset itself back to Verizon which led me to believe the dw5800 is locked to Verizon, the worse issue was some conflict after that when I when to shut down the laptop rather than a few seconds to shut down it took a long time and flashed a quick bluescreen all I got was something about a driver power issue, I figured this was caused by my putzing with the sim and APN, but I do not know for sure.

so I started hunting answers and until you guys helped I hit dead ends and I have posted on dell, ( worthless customer service ) and other comp foums with no luck.

My first guess with the APN resetting to Verizon is the dw5800 locked to dell but I can not seem to confirm that.

Next if it's locked can it be unlocked?

If it's locked and can not be unlocked can I replaced the dw5800 with a part that will allow ATT broadband and GPS which as you recall GPS was what got me here in the first place and yes, that all worked pretty sweet.

Many thanks for all,
Sorry, I don't really know anything about how Dell has implemented this. Looks like about a 5 year old product, so it may not support LTE data. If your goal is to use GPS, why not just get a USB device? They are pretty cheap.
Originally Posted by the13bats
Thanks guys actually you two shined more light on it than I could find at either dell, ATT or all over google
Got this with a google search for "verizon cdma data att gsm"


In the U.S., there are two wireless technologies CDMA and GSM and they are completely incompatible with each other. The majority of the Verizon and Sprint networks use CDMA technology, while AT&T and T-Mobile are built on GSM.

The big difference is that GSM networks use a SIM card to store a subscriber's identity and info, while CDMA devices have electronic serial numbers embedded in the device and require reprogramming to change networks.

With a SIM card, you can quickly swap your service provider by inserting a new card into your phone. If your T-Mobile or AT&T phone is unlocked, you should have no problems swapping SIM cards between devices on these networks.

Since the network operators launched LTE networks, it's become a little easier. All LTE networks in the U.S. are built using GSM technology, so newer Sprint and Verizon LTE-enabled handsets include a SIM card and may work on all GSM networks, big and small.

It depends on the way specific phones are designed though. Some older phones only use the SIM card for LTE services, meaning that even if you can switch to a new GSM network, you might not be able to access 2G and 3G services for calls and messaging.
I thank you guys for any help as this is a bit beyond me but I at the risk of sounding pompous am tech savvy and pick up stuff quickly.

This is a good example of things that confuse the hell out of me,
You said being a 5 yo laptop it may not support LTE yet every line from the device has (LTE-3G ) in it which would make a person think that it is "LTE".

I can't find something that I do not know how to look for and until you guys shined the light on it I didn't know their was cdma and gsm, so another piece to my puzzle,

Well, like I said the GPS did work before I started putzing with the broadband,
My "goal" is to get the computer to function as it did when new.
Since the hardware had "GPS" in the line I thought I would post here for help, if it's too off the path of the purpose of this website then a moderator can feel free to delete it.

So now what I do know, is if I get a Verizon sim it will all work, but I have an ATT data plan I do not really want to pay for another from Verizon.
Perhaps we can say a sub "goal" is saving some $$$.

What I do not know is can the dw5800 be modded unlocked whatever one calls it to work with ATT after all it did connect and work on it a bit.

Another question Is there a piece of hardware that I can swap out the dw5800 for that do all the things the DW5800 does AND support ATT.

Thanks for all,
Originally Posted by the13bats
You said being a 5 yo laptop it may not support LTE yet every line from the device has (LTE-3G ) in it which would make a person think that it is "LTE".
That makes sense. I'll confess, I didn't really read that part of your first post.

Some laptops and tablets have card that you could swap for this, maybe the owners manual has more info.

I have AT&T on my iPhone, and it has a wifi hotspot feature. I think most Android phones also support that (if you have a data plan that allows it). I find this works really well for my laptop when I am off my LAN. Just used it in the terminal at Newark Airport a few days ago.

I realize this isn't what you were asking about, but if you usually have your phone when you use the laptop, it might be a better solution, since you don't need a separate data plan and it should "just work".

That wouldn't give you a gps fix, of course. But I thought that worked for you when you didn't have the sim card in the computer?
I am trying to not mix the two topics and get things confused like with the "LTE" stuff,

But, yes, all last sat the GPS worked fine, I haven't checked GPS with the ATT SIM because when I had all that bluescreen stuff I reinstalled the OS and didn't reinstall and the GPS and related smoke and mirrors to make it work,

I really would like I said get the laptop working as it did new, at the very basic that would be using a Verizon SIM and paying Verizon for data.

I am surprised at the lack of support, dell Att are for the most part worthless, remember the dell tech who said my make model laptop didn't have GPS he admitted in a reply he didn't even read what make and model I had before posting a generic reply.

att just do not know, you start talking about broadband in a laptop and the kid who quit his job at the kfc drive thru to work tech at dell is all deer in headlights and passes you to another tech and so forth.

Sorry venting a moment.
Originally Posted by the13bats
I am surprised at the lack of support, dell Att are for the most part worthless
Sadly, I think this is pretty typical for modern technology. The landscape changes quickly and companies aren't very interested in supporting 5 year old products. This is sort of like your other thread, where there would have been a number of good options for laptop navigaton software in 2011, but almost none in 2016.

I'm sure there must be some Dell user forums out there. Maybe you could find someone there who has also gone through this.

Otherwise, sure, I'd think it would work with a Verizon sim (unless there's something wrong with it).
I can grab a Verizon sim I cant find the one that came in it , ran off and hid
I guess, I think it likely would work, but I am in no hurry to pay Verizon for data so I might not use that feature, because prepaid has a time limit to use it.

I realize that companies are really not gonna waste time and money supporting a 5 yo laptop however, even the dell in this case forum is horrible, the so called techs cut and paste generic answers but really do not even try to help, and people post all kinds of snarky replies dell doesn't care at all. ATT is the same.

I have lots of hobbies and interests for example my car is a 1969 and while in it's restoration I did upgrade things from the way it was in 69 had I done a by the book factory restoration it would work as well as it did then in addition there are countless places on the net one can learn anything and everything about this 47 yo car but with all the tech around us seems no one is really into it...

For example your line "This is sort of like your other thread, where there would have been a number of good options for laptop navigation software in 2011, but almost none in 2016."

That was why I said the name of this site isn't suiting, if you have to tell people who think from the sites name they can use a lap top for GPS and you have to tell them that there isn't any, well you get the idea, and I wasn't being a jerk or poking, wasn't trying to upset anyone I said what I did in a sad disappointed way.

We will see what I can learn,

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