Does anyone know how AR and S&T licencing works?
I have just returned from 6 weeks in Europe - Paris, Prague, Bratislava, Budapest, Warsaw, Gdansk, Berlin, Paris - where I used Autoroute 2013 plus the TomTom built into the brand new car (I used Maps.Me on my Android phone when walking in cities).

Even though it is 2013 software (2012 maps?) for the most part AR knows the road network. However, in Central Europe road construction, especially freeways, is going ahead rapidly so sometimes you get surprises. TomTom didn't get surprised as often but even "she" didn't know it all - unusual for a woman.

AR and S&T do everything I need in a satnav system - routing, click and drag route modification, built in POIs, ability to load my own POIs.

Before we left for our trip I installed AR on a new PC - Lenovo ideapad 100S.

At least for the time being the activation servers are still working so I was able to activate it.

However, what concerns me is that I have used up my two licences which means that when, not if, I rebuild this PC I won't be able to re-install AR.

Does anyone know how AR and S&T licencing works?

Does it "know" that it is being reinstalled on the same hardware and automatically activate?

If I get a new PC will I be able to contact MS and have the licence counter reset?

Are there alternative "safe" ways of resetting or bypassing the counter?
FWIW, I think there is a minimum of 6 months' between activations before the counter resets.

I sill have S&T 2013 and which I had on an XP virtual machine. I decided to move up to Windows 7, and it was a bit of a gamble for me to do so, but fortunately, activation went flawlessly.
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