Windows Maps with U-blox 7
Hello everyone
I'm new to this forum and topic so if this is in the wrong section feel free to correct me. I did hours of research via google but couldn't make any progress.

Now to the Problem:
I bought an U-blox 7 GPS USB receiver to use my Win10 laptop with Windows Maps as navigation.
But i can't get Maps to find my location. I read Ken's Getting a GPS receiver to work with Windows 8.x & 10 and used GPSComplete.

What I did so far:
1.After plugging in the reciver Windows installs the driver. In the device manager appears the u-blox Virtual COM Port (COM8) and u-blox 7 GPS/GNSS Location Sensor (is this maybe similar to GpsDirect?).
2.In the u-center I can connect to the receiver (see screenshot) therefore the receiver itself is working.
3.In GPSComplete I installed a new sensor driver from COM8 with baud 9600 (like the baud in the port settings, see screenshot). Installing the Simulation sensor driver instead of COM8 seems to work as my location in Maps jumps to the simulated Point and keeps track of it.
4.Uninstalled everything and followed these steps: https://www.u-blox.com/sites/default/files/products/documents/u-blox-GNSS_sensorDeviceDriv...8UBX-15022397%29.pdf

I assume the "link" between reciver and Location Sensor is broken or maybe the u-blox Location Sensor needs to be set as default?
I'm out of ideas and could use some help... any advice welcome, thanks!
Thanks to your pointing to the GNSS driver I got it working on my Surface Pro 1. I confirmed the operation of the uBlox with GPS Gate first as it hadn't worked on another computer. Finally got a lock at 115200 although GPS Gate saw it at all the speeds.

I disconnected the device and loaded the GNSS driver as per the instructions and also disabled GPS Direct and WiFi to ensure the location was being provided by this device and driver. With the uBlox connected I started the Maps application.

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It turns out my U-blox receiver is malfunctioning and takes about 10 minutes each time to start...
Laptops can be electrically and rf noisy. This can overpower the very small satellite signals the GPS device must receive. I know this GPS didn't come with a USB extension cable but if you have access to one, you should see an improvement in the time to acquire lock. Also, make sure the GPS device can see the sky, especially for its first lock.

Thanks for the tip. The accuracy wasn't that great ever so I tried the newest Globalsat usb receiver and am very pleased with it. Using it in windows maps with GPSComplete. If it weren't for this forum I wouldn't have a clue how to get this to work... Thanks!
The latest from GlobalSat is a great choice.

Ken in Regina
Originally Posted by tcassidy
The latest from GlobalSat is a great choice.

Yes. Mine works great. I prefer one of my Bluetooth receivers so I don't have to mess with a cable at all. And it doesn't tie up the one USB port on my tablet. But I think the BU353 S4 is a touch more accurate. And sometimes less quirky to get connected than anything Bluetooth on my tablet.

Welcome aboard, etamit. It's always nice to hear that our efforts are helpful.

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