Keeping Maps in BaseCamp.
When working with BaseCamp for planning, the only way I can get detailed charts / maps is to go get the GPS our of the coach, hook it to the computer and have a tall cup of coffee while it loads. Right now, it seems as though when I do anything, I have to re-load the base chart data. I'm drinking too much coffee to keep doing this. Is there some way to make BC keep the loaded data?

This is just the first problem.

Since Street Atlas will not be updated, I have been trying to work with BaseCamp. (I am already thinking this might be a lost cause.)

Matt Colie
Ken in Regina
See this page.



Thanks much for the link. That beats going to get the GPS all the time.
I won't have time to work with it for a while, but it is on my list....

Matt Colie - Sort of near Detroit
Assuming that you have lifetime updates for the maps on your GPS, it should also be possible to install them directly on your computer using Garmin Express. I gave up on my Nuvi and Dezl units awhile ago and don't use express, but see this FAQ


IMO, this is better than the virtual device, since the map is installed in a format that Basecamp can read directly from files.
Now I am wishing that we weren't on the road the rest of the week. I have got to try this out. It might just save BaseCamp from the "Deleted Files" Bin.

Thanks to you both, when I get a change, I will come back and talk about it.

Ken in Regina
Yes, if you have questions about either option just holler.

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