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Just out of curiosity, exactly where was that road segment?
It's a segment of BC 99 from just north of Cache Creek to Lillooet. Of course it's a function of Google Maps, not Furkot, and I should have noted that. Furkot just uses the Google Maps API to get it's routing information. Here's what Google Maps does when you try to route from Cache Creek to Lillooet. It takes you way south and back north instead of going a bit north up BC97 and taking BC99 across.,+BC/Lillooet,+BC/@50.5211285,-122.1693656,9z/da...9367502!2d50.6863017

CoPilot Android, on the other hand, uses the BC99 segment, as it should (shortest and quickest).

Both of Garmin's desktop tools (Mapsource and Basecamp) also do it right (see attached screenshot).

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Wow... Google almost completely ignores BC99.

Looks like google "thinks" most of BC99 is closed due to construction, as it will go no further than the point on this map:

I've encountered that before once in a while, but not too often with google.
Last time google did something like that for me, it was ignoring a road that had been closed due to construction of a large shopping center nearby. I tried to plot a route along that road but google got it wrong evidently because it "knew" it had been closed, but had not yet updated the road status back to being open. MapQuest & Bing got that one right only because they never "knew" about the road closure. Of course, all I know for sure is the result... I'm just guessing as to the cause.

S&T used to ignore roads here & there, but we've all come to expect those defects in S&T, but have gotten used to google rarely doing that.

But here's another one google hasn't been able to get right - for years - despite repeated notifications by me.

In this short trip from Officemax to KMart, google ignores TWO shopping center entrances and directs users past the KMart TWICE, and then wants them to stop on a busy boulevard and walk down an embankment.,+4106+Lemay+Ferry+Road,+St.+Louis,+MO+63129/Kmar...38.5078137!3e0?hl=en

Aerial view shows the actual entrance closest to the KMart (there's another one farther to the NorthEast):,+4106+Lemay+Ferry+Road,+St.+Louis,+MO+63129/Kmar...38.5078137!3e0?hl=en

...even though google maps clearly "knows" both of those entrances are there, as shown by the light blue lines on this aerial view looking toward the South (faint dashed line is where google directs users to start walking... into a fence and embankment!):

I've point this mistake out several times over the years, but google never fixes it.
Apparently they nearly as adept at correcting routing errors as they are incorrect place locations.
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Ken in Regina
Interesting. Now that you mention it, that might have something to do with it. I tried to force Furkot to route over it by putting a waypoint at the middle of that segment and adding it to the route. When I updated the route the waypoint flag turned red and there was a popup box that mentioned something about "closed" and "seasonal" or something. It made no sense to me so I didn't really look that close.

I seem to recall back in ancient history that segment may have been seasonal before it was paved. But it has been paved for many years now. It might occasionally be closed due to a bad snowstorm but it's definitely not seasonal.

50.683889, -121.937914

Cache Creek, BC -> Lillooet, BC
50.809824, -121.301366 -> 50.683889, -121.937914

Bing maps: "We couldn't find any routes between these places."
MapQuest: WOW, look at this! It got it right!

Here ALSO gets it right:,-BC-V0K,-Canada:50.81050,-121.32906/Lillo...llooet%20BC%20Canada
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Well, I got kicked off of Furkot's suggestions forum.
That has to be the fastest ever.

It might be another example of data-driven automated stupidity, but whatever the mechanism, literally throwing away the last suggestions I made was pretty stupid, considering that they were really good suggestions, and that prior to my posts, they had been getting new user input roughly once every two weeks, only about half of which are new feature or bug/fix suggestions.

Here's their rationale:

"To help ensure that suggestions discussed on Furkot UserVoice forum represent a balanced multitude of voices, each user has a pool of 10 votes to be used to make and support suggestions (ideas). The votes are returned to user’s pool when we mark the suggestion as completed. Comments are not limited by the number of votes. UserVoice provides a system that flags and deletes accounts created to circumvent the limit of votes. When account is deleted, suggestions submitted using it are deleted if no one else is supporting them. Otherwise, the suggestions are attributed to “Anonymous”. Comments added using this account are deleted as well."

...and my reply:
October 20, 2016

re: "UserVoice provides a system that flags and deletes accounts created to circumvent the limit of votes."
Obviously, if I wanted to circumvent that, I could easily do so, but made no effort because...

re: "balanced multitude of voices"
...considering the infrequent feedback/comments you have been getting, you don't have a balanced multitude of voices, and what I was giving you was a gift from a very experienced user of trip planning systems, the value of which you don't appreciate.

Hopefully you aren't paying UserVoice's full retail price of $199/month, because that amounts to very expensive feedback indeed.
Good luck in your future development of Furkot and your other endeavors.

Originally Posted by GoneNomad
Well, I got kicked off of Furkot's suggestions forum.
LOL, now you might have to write your own trip planner.
The small team behind Furkot got a lot of things right* but based on my assessment, they aren't going to make take it where it needs to go to be a S&T replacement for full-time travelers.

*most of which would be obvious to anyone trying to do this. The problem seems to have been that the big mapping/nav companies like Google, MapQuest, etc. don't hire people with any experience in this field. (MapQuest's job opening ads confirm this because - amazingly enough - one thing they never ask for is actual experience in trip planning/mapping/navigation). About