UEFI, Franson GPSGate and "Failed to create virtual serial port"
We are going to Bali in Indonesia on Monday for 9 nights. Since we live in Perth this is only a 3 hour flight.

For most Western Australians Bali is the default holiday destination.

You will see why when I tell you that to catch the ferry to Rottnest Island that is 20km off the coast of Perth costs AUD65 (AUD1 = USD0.75) whereas it costs $150 to fly to Denpasar. Accommodation on Rottnest costs >$100/night. You can get a bed in a losmen in Bali for about $20/night for a couple. We are staying slightly upmarket for $30/night including breakfast.

I was first there when I was 5 in 1957 but obviously I don't remember that. I have been there several times since then with the last time being in 1986. Christine hasn't been there since 1976 when she got caught up in the Indonesian invasion of East Timor.

Quite a bit will have changed since then - Ho Ho.

I won't be driving but I like to know where I am so I have installed the Bali map into Maps.me on my Android phone.

I will also be taking my Lenovo ideapad 100S 11".

I already had nRoute installed for when we went to Europe earlier this year as a backup for Autoroute. It's a good thing I didn't need to use it because it didn't work; specifically Franson GPSGate reported "Failed to create virtual serial port" on all ports.

After quite a bit of research I found that I had to disable Safe Boot in the UEFI. Then I had to find out how to access the UEFI on a Lenovo PC - F2 during boot.

The next bit was scary because when I booted the PC it asked for the Bitlocker recovery key. I went to the link displayed on another PC and using my Outlook.com account I got the 48 digit key - I entered it correctly the first time.

When I started GPSGate it successfully created the virtual serial ports including a Garmin port.

I then went to openstreetmaps.nl and downloaded a Garmin compatible map of Bali that I opened in nRoute. I have created waypoints for our hotels in Sanur, Lovina, Ubud and Kuta.
Hmmm. I remember that issue with GPS Gate but thought it must have been resolved. I haven't run across it recently. I have heard of the Bitlocker key thing but have never experienced it. Suspect I am not using it.

Glad you got through the problems and have your holiday successfully planned!

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