Send GPS data from phone to PC over WiFi?
Is it possible to send GPS data from a phone (Galaxy S4) to a PC over WiFi? I need to be able to send GPS position and time data over a long range (>100m) to a PC. I can use a WiFi repeater to extend the range further. I would like to log the NMEA sentences into a CSV file and also plot them.

All of the common PC applications require the use of a COM port (Google Earth for example) to interface with a GPS device. How can I get my GPS data into my PC, and be able to use it?

Ken in Regina
I'm sure someone could create a PC app to receive such data. But I'm not aware of any. Perhaps if we understand your desired use a little better we could help you find a useful solution.

I guess the first question is: What are you using on the phone to send the NMEA sentences?

Second question is: Do you need the data to be realtime or would it be sufficient to just capture it and analyze/plot it later?

Third question is: Does it need to be a phone that's sending the data from the remote?

Fourth question is: Do you need all the raw NMEA data or would the location coordinates and a time stamp be sufficient?

A bit of a description of what you are trying to accomplish would be helpful.


Thank you for your reply.

1. I am using the phone embedded GPS device to capture current GPS position and time.

2. I can already capture and store the GPS data locally on my phone; however, other than emailing it to myself, there is no easy way to send it to a PC. Also, I may be out of cellphone tower range, but may be able to make a direct connection to my PC via WiFi or Bluetooth. Saving the data and downloading for later is not a good option, although it is a back-up. I would prefer to have as close to real time as possible.

3. I prefer to use a phone because it's handy, and I don't have to buy anything else.

4. We need date, time, position, and position error. Raw NMEA data requires parsing, but has all of the data we need. Either is acceptable.


Isn't this the kind of thing that GPSGate Server does? But it runs on Windows… http://gpsgate.com/features
I've never heard of GPSGate Server. Upon looking at it, it looks like it has way too many features that we would not use. We are not tracking vehicles, we are at a walking pace, or slower. I need to be able to start and stop recording at will, and transmit only the position data sets we need. We are looking to use position averaging to reduce the overall error associated with typical WAAS technology.
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