POIs in S&T can be opened directly into Bing maps
Ken in Regina
Originally Posted by GoneNomad
Has anyone has gotten it running on Win10, and if so, how much trouble is it to get a place or address from S&T into the Win10 "Maps" app that does fairly decent navigation???]



OK, just downloaded and installed S&T2013 demo (which surprisingly is still on MS S&T site)
on a Win7 PC.

I see that POIs in S&T can be opened directly into Bing maps. So that answers that question.
Good to know.

Look like I spoke too soon, due to not checking closely enough.
Turns out that choosing "Open Into Bing" on an S&T place only opens Bing maps to the appropriate area, not the specific place selected in S&T.

And Bing Maps is always zoomed so far out that the specific place isn't obvious, and always shows Satellite view, too.
Ken in Regina
I would have assumed it worked like Mapsource where "View in Google Earth" opens to the selected item (route, track, waypoint) and zoomed to an appropriate view.

I guess an S&T place>"Open Into Bing" doesn't transfer anything but the coordinates to BingMaps, not the place name or address.
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