I.Trek M7 Battery
Ken in Regina
My I.Trek M7 battery has developed a bit of a bulge in the middle. It's just enough that it's nearly impossible to close the battery compartment door. It still works okay but I'm thinking that charging it is not a great idea any more.

Does anyone know of a Canadian source of a reasonably priced replacement battery? I've only been able to find one and it adds up to about $45 Cdn with shipping. I rarely use it any more and I'm not sure I paid much more than that for the whole unit when I bought it.

Battery for i-Trek M7, 3.7V, 1000mAh, Li-ion
by VinTrons

Price: CDN$ 24.87 FREE SHIPPING.



...that's still really expensive for a battery of this type.
Must be an uncommon size.
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