Preserving the ability to use S&T / AR
Testing these should keep me busy:

23 Best Sandbox Software


I haven't looked at any of them yet, except for SandboxIE in the distant past.

It would be ironic if it turned out that Microsoft Application Virtualization was the solution.

I ordered a new touch combo PC today based on the assumption that I will be able to contact MS and transfer the AR licence to it.
Hmm. MS App-V requires a server to manage deployment of images so it's not a contender.
Ken in Regina
Did I mention that I use VirtualBox? After looking at a number of them it gave me the best combination of flexibility of features and ease of use.

I finally have Windows 7 set up with all the updates in a VM. I already had Windows 10 set up and usable in another VM. As soon as I get a few minutes I'll see what I can do with S&T 2013 in clones of those VMs. Unfortunately I no longer have a licensed copy of any version to test with. I will just test to see if there is a way to keep a trial version alive.

Ken in Regina
Windows 10 comes with Hyper-V built in (maybe only the Pro version??). I tried it and hated it. It forces you to do way too much manually that I think the VM manager should be doing behind the scenes.

Ken in Regina
More on VirtualBox and Windows 7 updating...

I discovered a backup copy of a VM with Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 (activated) on a backup drive today. I created it more than a year ago, used it a bit and then it sat idle. Since I wasn't using I copied it to a backup drive and removed it from VirtualBox.

I decided to give it a try again today for two reasons. First I wanted to see how easy it would be to get it going again in VirtualBox. It was trivially simple.

Second, I wanted to see if the update problems I had with the Windows 7 Ultimate installation I did last week in another VM was an anomaly or if it was the norm. It seems to be the norm.

When I fired up Windows Update it did the same as the other installation ... just sat there saying it was checking for updates with no results.

To get it working I had to manually install seven updates, six of them requiring a restart after it installed.

Once Windows update started working it said "209 important updates, 8 optional updates waiting to be installed". !!!! They're all downloaded now and it's installing update number 58.

At least this time I knew what to expect and it didn't take nearly as long to get Windows Update working.

It was great to discover how easy it is to get a backup copy of a .VDI file working as a VM again. And along the way I discovered that I can share folders between the Host operating system and the guest operating system in a VM. It's also quite easy to do.

VirtualBox is highly recommended.

A fresh installation of Windows 7 is not.

Just received the Streets & Trips 2013 I bought on ebay here
The listing stated: "includes all activation codes & 1 BRAND NEW user license"
But, it's counterfeit: a burned DVD-R with no serial number or activation code.
Most likely it's "cracked" software, which means it doesn't have the same time limit as the normal trial version, or has otherwise been modified.

Buyer beware. Here are the seller's current S&T / MapPoint listings:

Looks like the seller has been busy selling counterfeit software.
Each of these closed auctions was for six copies

I am filing a claim with ebay now.
Make sure you take a copy first!!

Probably filled with malware but if it has had trial period removed it would be OK to run it in VM with no network access to Internet or your host PC except for serial port for GPS.

Then you wouldn't have hassle of having to reinstall trial in VM every 14 days.

Have you scanned files for malware?

You could generate hash value for every file and compare it to the values run by someone on forum on a genuine DVD or image of software. This would identify which files, if any, have been changed.

If they haven't been changed you have just paid a lot of money for the trial version.

This analysis may help you with your claim for a refund.

I hope you get your money back.
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