How to get Streets&Trips Activation Support
After reading over this:
Frequently asked questions about how to activate Microsoft Games for Windows, Streets and Trips, and Mappoint

I contacted Microsoft by phone regarding their current support for new activations or transfers of Streets & Trips

For future reference, you can call Microsoft's general support number, and if you keep telling their their IVR system you're calling about "something else" until you are asked if you're calling about volume licensing (to which you need to answer "YES" because if you say no, their IVR voice says "goodbye" & then hangs up), you will be connected to a human operator, who if you explain you are asking about Streets & Trips, will transfer you to the Streets & Trips support group.

After a Streets & Trips support rep. came on the line, I asked for their direct number,
and was told the Streets & Trips support direct line is:


The S&T support rep. told me:
  • There is still limited support for S&T 2011 & S&T 2013 only.
  • There is still support for new activations, via the activation server, or via telephone.
  • The S&T support rep. did not expect that new activations will no longer be allowed any time soon. (Corroboration of this is that Windows XP activations/transfers are still possible even though official support ended April 8, 2014)
  • Although Streets & Trips 2013 requires an internet connection (or a phone call) to activate, it will function after that without either one (UNlike some more recent Adobe software that requires an internet connection to check the license every time you launch it)

So, that's good news!

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