Garmin Mobile PC: Product key problem! Map transfer problem!
Hi everybody.

I just bought a Garmin mobile PC package (USB GPS receiver included). I had the same problem as Marvin Hlavac, I can't see the product key anywhere, looked on the box, on the cd, the cd box, manual but found nothing. only number I see is the S/N number (10 numbers not 8 as required fore ).

The program is running nonetheless and i am not being ask't fore the product key when the software starts up. I have looked in the software fore a place that says if the software is unlocked but found noting that gives that kind of an indication.

Mapsource and Garmin Mobile PC have both been updated.
Garmin Mobile PC bought from Ebay.co.uk.

The only ting I am having a problem doing is uploading maps from mapsource (followed Kens directions). This is a big big problem fore me since the map installed is the US and I on the other hand am in Europe.

I have read through all the messages in here and also the garmins product support page but found no answers. tried also sending messages to Gamin but there is something terribly wrong whit there page (cant sen my message, filled up all the boxes and pushed send and nothing happens).

Getting a little frustrated to be honest!

all help and pointers appreciated !
Mobile PC with 20x does not need a key as it only works with the 20x.

Did you update MapSource to the latest version (check Help- About MapSource)? If it is not 6.13.7, it will not find Mobile PC in the transfer dialog.

Marvin Hlavac
Hi Gjallandi,

Welcome to Laptop GPS World. :welcome:

I should edit the part of the review where I mentioned the 'missing' product key. I didn't understand at that time, but the facts are as follows:
  • The version which includes Garmin USB GPS20x receiver does not include a product key. The product key is not needed for Garmin Mobile PC to function with the included GPS receiver.
  • The software-only version of Garmin Mobile PC does include a product key (on the inside of the DVD case, on a big green sticker). The product key enables the program to be used with any 3rd party GPS receiver supporting NMEA standard.
  • Users of Garmin Mobile PC w/GPS20x, who wish to use the software with a 'normal' (NMEA) GPS receiver, would need to obtain a product key to enable non-Garmin GPS receivers to function with the program. The only way (I'm aware of) to obtain a product key is by purchasing the program.
(I'm going to add the above info to the review, so my earlier comments don't confuse more people.)
Originally Posted by tcassidy
Mobile PC with 20x does not need a key as it only works with the 20x.
I suspected this, the manual on the other hand spoke of a product key and the software asks you to put in a software key so it is understandable that people get confused.

I did not have the latest version of MapSource . I'm running 6.13.7 now.

That did not do the trick !!!

Garmin mobile version is 5.00.0

updating garmin mobile pc to version 5.00.10g

that wasn't enough ether. now I'm having trouble using Garmin mobile PC it seems to have become unstable keeps freezing up I tried killing all application and running it alone but I feel no difference. keeps freezing up when I choose "View map". Resetting the computer.

I'm go na uninstall the software tomorrow and install again.

Thanks fore the quick response guys.
Ken in Regina
I have to do some massive editing to the sticky on transferring stuff from Mapsource to Mobile PC. I'll add the part about having the latest version of Mapsource. Perhaps this weekend. I've been playing golf, fixing other people's golf clubs and I have to replumb the drain hose on the dishwasher. When that's done I'll put the brain in gear and fix that post.

Marvin Hlavac
Ken, that would be much appreciated . But, of course, there are more important things in life (the plumbing cannot wait, and good weather doesn't last too long in Canada), so take your time with the editing .
The first thing Mobile PC does when starting, is try to connect to a GPS. I have noticed an apparent freeze, particularly with slower computers, if Mobile PC has any difficulty fulfilling this task.
Okay I think I found out why I am having problems Installing the map.

I am running a ASUS EEE 701. 4Gigabite hard drive, 700 processor, 2 G memory.

When I installed the "Garmin mobile PC" I had to install it on a flash-card (my second hard drive). The "Garmin mobile pc" install does not give the option of not including the humongous USA map in the install. The install whit the USA map was 1 Gig witch was to big to fit on the rest of my main hard drive.

On my Asus eee: MapSource is on the main hard drive, Garmin mobile pc is on the flash-card.

when I ask "mapsource" to transfer my map of "Iceland" to "Garmin mobile pc" I only get the option of transferring to my flash-card. I believe mapsource starts by finding the flash-card and stamping it as a device. It probably doesn't search the flash-card since it defines it as a gps device. Well that's my theory fore my machine not picking "Garmin mobile pc" up.

I started up my old computer and installed mapsource(+ newest update) and garmin mobile pc on it (both software on the main hard drive). Mapsource had no problem transferring the Icelandic map over to Garmin mobile pc but Garmin Mobile would not open the map "your gps unit does not have permission to open this map".

I found a free map online (Bermuda islands), uploaded it to mapsource instead, transferred it to Garmin mobile pc and ran Garmin mobile pc. Everything ran smoothly.

Then I simply copied the Garmin mobile folder from my old computer to Asus eee PC.

So yeah I found a way to install Garmin mobile onto my asus eee pc whit a different set of map, only problem is I cant transfer the cd key protected map I need!

Can it be that the "GARMIN MOBILE PC W/ GPS 20X GPS" only supports one locket map (the one it comes whit)?
Ken in Regina
I'm glad that you have figured out ways to get the maps transferred to your Mobile PC.

If your Garmin Iceland mapset is locked, it needs to be unlocked to a specific device. In the case of your Mobile PC, the Iceland mapset will need to be unlocked to the GPS 20x that came with Mobile PC.

If the Iceland mapset has not already been unlocked and you have an unlock code for it you can use Mapsource to unlock it to the GPS 20x ...

UTILITIES > Unlock Maps...

The Unlock Wizard will guide you through the process. It will want your unlock code for the Iceland mapset and the serial number of your GPS 20x.

The maps that came with your "GARMIN MOBILE PC W/ GPS 20X GPS" are already unlocked to the GPS 20x.

To put it another way, you should be able to use any maps that are unlocked to the GPS 20x when you use Mobile PC with the GPS 20x.

I hope that made sense.

EDIT: Oops, I forgot to answer your question. No, Mobile PC will work with multiple mapsets. Well, technically it will work with three map files.

First file is the basemap .. gmapbmap.img
Second file is the mapset that came with it .. gmapprom.img
Third file is the mapset you compile and transfer with Mapsource .. gmapsupp.img

That third file can contain map segments from as many mapsets as you have installed in Mapsource and unlocked for the target GPS device.

I hope this makes sense, too.

Ken in Regina
Just a follow-up to my own message about Mapsource, Mobile PC and multiple mapsets.

I have a number of mapsets installed in my Mapsource.

I have four Garmin mapsets. Two of those are locked sets (City Navigator North America, City Select North America) and are unlocked to the target device (my Garmin iQue 3600). Two of them are not locked (Metroguide Canada, Topo Canada).

I have three Garmin-compatible mapsets that are not Garmin and they are not locked.

One of the mapsets that I have compiled for my iQue 3600 contains map segments from the following:

Metroguide Canada
Topo Canada
City Navigator North America
Calgary Area (ATV) Trail Maps
Crowsnest Pass (ATV) Trail Maps

I used Mapsource to select segments from all of these and compile them into a single file (gmapsupp.img) for transfer to my iQue 3600.

I don't actually transfer anything to my iQue 3600. It is a Palm device and things get transfered to it through the Palm Hotsync manager which is a very slow way to do it. So I take advantage of the fact that Mapsource sees flash memory cards as "devices". I load an SD card and select that as the "device" to compile and transfer to. That is much faster. Then I just load the card in my iQue 3600 to use it.

My iQue 3600 knows its own serial number. When the Garmin nav software on the iQue 3600 runs and tries to load the map file it checks in the map file to see what device serial number any locked maps have been unlocked to. If the serial number in the file matches the iQue 3600's serial number, the maps are used.

I hope that gives you a better understanding of what you have just discovered for yourself and why it worked as it did.

If anyone is interested.

To unlock maps for the software version of Mobile PC using the Unlock Wizard in MapSource;
Note the Software Unit ID found under Settings - About in Mobile PC.
Use that number for the serial number requested by the Unlock Wizard.

Originally Posted by Ken in Regina
If your Garmin Iceland map set is locked, it needs to be unlocked to a specific device. In the case of your Mobile PC, the Iceland map set will need to be unlocked to the GPS 20x that came with Mobile PC.

Its ALIVE !!!!!!!

Jubb that was my bad. I decided the whole garmin protection stuff worked in a completely deferent way, and I based that assumption on absolutely nothing.

I had not signed the "usb gps unit" itself to the Icelandic map, I felt I was moving a map from one software to another so yeah I just blocked out this solution.

I just want thank everybody fore the responses, they really help when Irun ran out of ideas.

(now I can start putting the touch screen in and I'm set fore the road trip)
Why is your screen display a mirror image?
Marvin Hlavac
LOL, it's not just the screen display, it's the whole picture - look at the Asus logo .
I used an inbuilt camera in a laptop to take the picture, it was the fastest way.
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