A Biker Uses His Ultra Mobile PC For GPS Navigation
Marvin Hlavac

Richard Wright uses his Ultra-Mobile PC (UMPC), Samsung Q1, for GPS navigation, while riding his bike, a 2008 K1200LT. He finds a full-featured Windows computer more appropriate for his needs, and even less expensive, than dedicated motorcycle GPSs.

Richard just returned from a 7000 mile trip using DeLorme Street Atlas 2008 as his preferred mapping and GPS navigation software program, and he is now awaiting the new DeLorme Street Atlas 2009 he has ordered.

His Samsung QU1 runs Windows XP, and the screen resolution is 1024 x 600 pixels.

He posted more pictures in the BMW Luxury Touring Community.

Anyone else uses a UMPC on his/her bike?
Looks good, a little surprised if it's durable enough to hold up with hours of road vibrations and exposure to sun and rain etc. The only units I've seen on touring bikes are the older Garmin units because of their mounting options and durability.
Marvin Hlavac
I'd worry about the hard drive, but he didn't mention any problem with that.
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