DeLorme Road Atlas problem: Find tab did not initialize, (ISO error)
I have a 2005 DeLorme RA running on XP and when I insert a address or zip code,etc in FIND , a window opens and says "find tab did not initialize, (ISO error)" I don't know what that means and don't know how to correct it. Can anyone help? I was using it in my mtr home hooked to a DeLorme gps antenna and don't remember having any trouble with it, but now am using it at my kitchen table with no antenna attached, does that make a difference?
Check this thread for help.


Unfortunately, none of the Delorme links work but the last post might help.

Terry ---Thanks for your reply, I'll try to resolve it with those links you sent me and if they don't work I'll probably just trash it and go to plan "B" whatever that might be. If it does work out, I'll let you know.
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