I am using the above hardware with nRoute. I am finding recently that the unit does not give me an accurate indication of where i am, (it lags, and if i stop my vehicle and watch, the cursor will eventually catch up to where I have stopped).
I am assuming that there is a problem with the unit, but is there any way of checking. I use a relatively old laptop (2010 ish) and am worried that it may be this.
Try the GPS on another computer perhaps?
Considering how little processing power is required for the operation, it is likely you have too much going on behind the scenes on your computer. You might want to consider cleaning up the background junk or just reducing whatever else is running on the computer.

You have to clear out all previous tracks and routes.

As they build up the system slows down.
Originally Posted by werdnanostaw
You have to clear out all previous tracks and routes.

As they build up the system slows down.
Thank you "Werdnanostaw", that was the problem. Cleared everything out and now back to normal.
Once again you guys help me out of a major problem. Many Many thanks
My partner and I have just completed a 6 week, 11,000km return trip from Perth on the west coast to Sydney on the east coast of Australia. Every week or so the current position on the map started to lag behind the real world. This leads to U-turns because turnoffs are passed before the system tells you to turn.

As soon as this became an issue I saved all the routes and tracks and then deleted them from nRoute. It always restored nRoute to normal speed.

11,000km sounds like a lot and it is but you have to realise that it is 2,800km of nothing from Perth to Adelaide across the Nullarbor Plain that we cover in 4 days. That means that we had the remaining 5 weeks to cover "only" 5,400km from Adelaide to Melbourne, through the Victorian Alps and Snowy Mountains to Canberra and on to Sydney and then back around the coast.


Note Victorian Alps and Snowy Mountains are not true mountains. They should should be thought of in the Australian context where the highest point is 2,200m (7,300ft). They are slightly taller than normal, rolling hills covered in gum trees.




We're off to Vietnam in 3 weeks for 4 weeks. We won't be driving. We will use public transport. Even so, I will be using nRoute to keep track of where we are. When we are in cities and towns I will use Here We Go or maps.me on our Android phones.

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