Garmin GPS 18x LVC
Hello, I'm new the forum. And also new to gps sensors and usb to serial connectors, so pardon if I seem a little timid. I have an installation question regarding a Garmin GPS 18x LVC.

Background: I have installed software, Moonglow Tech Eclipse Orchestrator Pro, to control my canon dslr during the upcoming total eclipse. (basically allows you to write a script for auto controlling ISO, Exposure, Aperture...etc for each shot at specific sub-second precision. Within the application you can attach a GPS and it will read it. It has the ability to read PPS (Pulse Per Second signals). It recommended using the 18x LVC. It gave specific pin out wiring to a female DB-9 Serial Connector,(http://www.moonglowtech.com/products/EclipseOrchestrator/GPS18PPS_wiring.gif), which would then plug into a serial port on a computer. Hence the problem. I plan on using my windows10 laptop that obviously does not have a serial port. (Side note: I would install a second usb plug to the 18x to bring in the required 5vdc pwr.)

Question: So, If I use a USB to Serial Connector, will that bring in the pps signal into my laptop to be read by the software?

I question this because the usb adaptor would only have two data connections, data in, data out right? So how would the pps signal get into the laptop? Just didn't want to test it before asked you, didn't want to fry anything.

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