Help for PC GPS information
I'm new in GPS, been searching for long time, but haven't decided which one, PC GPS or stand alone? Also, don't want to spend too much. Normally I just print out the map from Yahoo and take with me. And every time I'm going on long trips for sure taking my laptop and get map from AAA.

Please some advice?

I was thinking Microsoft Street and Trips 2008 w/GPS, but still, don't know which one is good.

Thank you

Actually, I'm not going to trips often. And only print out map when new places to go (local). Sorry, I guess, let me ask, is the Microsoft S&T better then the Earthmate?

It's a tossup - it all depends on how much you really want to do with it. I've got a laptop system that I use in my 18 wheeler and a Garmin nuvi that I use in my personal car. Both get the job done.
Hello Malaki86,

Thank you for the reply. Well, honest, I don't want to spend a lot now. So how about the Streets and Trips, or the Earthmate?

Thank you
Marvin Hlavac
winnie0613, :welcome: to the forum!

Both, SA and S&T, have thousands of loyal fans each, who would not even consider switching to the other ;-). So it's difficult to predict which one would suit your needs better. I started to use Microsoft Streets and Trips years ago, and at the time DeLorme Street Atlas had no map coverage of my area (I'm in Canada). So I'm still using S&T, even-though SA now does include Canada. Perhaps get more opinions in Microsoft Streets and Trips forum and DeLorme Street Atlas forum here at the site. and
Hello Marvin Hlavac,
I had been searching all over but can make up my mind. Especially on your forum.
Well maybe I should go for S&T cause seems better then the rest.
Cause you using it too
Thank you so much.
Marvin Hlavac
  • DeLorme Street Atlas offers more features than Microsoft Streets & Trips;
  • Microsoft Streets & Trips offers better road maps than DeLorme Street Atlas.
I just want simple and better road maps, if too complicate I'll mess up. Cause I'm little dummy. Every time my trip is short, that's why I don't want to miss the time. I'm still reading the forum
Thank you so much
Marvin Hlavac
If you don't care much about printing maps, or some of the advanced trip-planning features, you could read up a bit on iNav iGuidance or Garmin Mobile PC. They are both very simple to use, because they both were designed for in-car navigation. Microsoft Streets and Trips started as a desktop trip planner - the GPS functionality was added later. If you just want something to use for driving, Streets & Trips may take a bit longer to learn.
Hello Marvin,
Thank you for more info. I bought the S&T 2008 w/gps that's the cheapest but now I have the problem is, the street that I'm in (home) is not on the map. And there is no way to update the street. Cause I always using yahoo, google and map quest they have my street (actually is new 1 yr old-the street new subdivision).
Is any way to get update?
I bought this cause I also want to print out and planned my trips and save.
If there isn't update so I stuck cause no return (open software).
Thank you
Marvin Hlavac
If you are serious about returning it, Microsoft will accept it, even if the retailer from whom you purchased it doesn't want it back. But if the subdivision you live in is only 1 year old, unlikely you will find your neighbourhood in another mapping program. It is encouraging to see the streets already being in online maps - it is likely that the next version of Microsoft Streets and Trips 2009 may already include the new data.

By the way, the current version of Microsoft Streets and Trips 2008 was released in the fall of 2007, so it is quite understandable the new streets were not included at that time. Microsoft Streets and Trips 2009 should be in stores in the fall of 2008.

As a temporary workaround, you could use the included drawing tools to draw your streets on the map. Or even better, you could drive around your neighborhood with the "Create GPS Trail" feature enabled - that will draw the missing streets on your map. Then just save the map file. The new streets will not be routable, but at least you will be able to see them.
I spoke to Microsoft and they won't have my street. So like you said will come out 2009 and I have to purchase the new software. It seems like I have to pay more for this product instead buy the new version. I already call for refund, they told me just send back so I'll send it back to them. I really don't want to spend a lot on the pc gps, I'll buy a stand alone in the future but not now.
Do you know about the Earthmate, is it update yet.
Sorry for so many question?
Thank you so much
Marvin Hlavac
If you bought 'Microsoft Streets and Trips 2008 with GPS Locator', the next time around you would need to buy just the software program (about $30) to get new map data.

But if you'd like to look for another program, let us know a street name, or an intersection, or an address in your neighbourhood, so someone can have a look if it already is in some other program.
I just return the ST2008. I couldn't find the SA2009+ in my area today.
What's the different with the plus and regular?
Can you please find out the address below on SA2009,
2512 Callaway Dr, Orlando, FL 32824
Thank you so much
Marvin Hlavac
DeLorme Street Atlas 2009 Plus includes telephone book (Yellow Pages and White Pages) integrated into the program - a very useful feature for people who need it.

I will not be able to check the above address in DeLorme Street Atlas tonight, but I'll check the address tomorrow. But by then you may already have your answer answered by another forum member .
I just found the address; 2512 Callaway Dr, Orlando, FL 32824; in Microsoft Streets & Trips 2008.

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