Update maps for SA 2015?
Has anybody come up with a way to update the maps on 2015?

If we could get the same maps that Garmin uses in the Nuvis, that might be good. It is still the most powerful planning tool available.

Matt Colie
Garmin uses their own proprietary map format so that just isn't gonna happen, especially since they have also purchased DeLorme and discontinued SA. They clearly have no interest in PC navigation software, they discontinued their own product (MobilePC) many years ago.

Even worse, Garmin has ceased development of Basecamp which is their desktop software for managing user data and maps - see this post from sussamb who is one of the moderators at Garmin's forums: http://forums.gpsreview.net/discussion/comment/206142/#Comment_206142

Unfortunately I don't think there are any more developers left, the last one left about this time last year and I've seen no indication of any development on going
It seems like their strategy is to milk every last penny out of the market for dedicated GPS devices while they become more oriented towards sports and fitness products. They do offer the Navigon and StreetPilot apps for phones and tablets but aren't very serious about them, intentionally crippling them in ways that make them less competitive with their dedicated devices.
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