How do I transfer Topo USA 8.0 from old laptop to new one?
I have been volunteering for the BLM and Forest Servic for several decades. Started with a DeLorme Handheld, then I moved up to a Panasonic Toughbook 18 running Windows XP.Now Forest wants me to run a Collector program/app that runs on Android or Windows 10. So I picked up a newer Panasonic CF-C1 with Windows 10 Pro to run Collector. Is there any way I can transfer Topo USA from the old laptop to the new one? I suppose I could reload Topo on the newer one, but I would loose all the POI's and hundreds of routes that I have recorded over the years. John
I looked up your question and found a pdf on the Garmin site that answers your question exactly.

Perhaps this reply is a bit late, however with little or no support for Delorme products I thought I would reply anyway. Hopefully there will some future support from either Garmin or forum users for Delorme products which I've used since they first arrived on the market.

In the past I've passed on some of the Delorme upgrade promotions but recently found a used copy of Topo North American 9.0 on eBay. Topo North American is basically the same GUI as Topo USA but depending on the version has some improvements and a better map database than Topo USA.

Topo North America 10.0 maps runs on Windows XP through to Windows 10. (* some of the map database improvements)

Minimum system requirements:
  • Microsoft® Windows® 7/Vista/XP with SP2 (Windows 98 is no longer supported)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7.0 or later
  • Pentium IV Athlon 64 (or later) 1.5 GHz or higher processor
  • 2 GB of available hard-disk space
  • 512 MB RAM (1GB for Windows 7)
  • 1024 x 768 screen resolution or higher
DVD's include Program Disc, Map discs for Northwest U.S., Northeast U.S., Canada, Southwest U.S. and Mexico & Southeast U.S.

* Road and trail data in the US and Canada including more than 800,000 new road names in the US High-detail lake, river and stream data for all 50 states
* Now includes park data in Canada, 38 National Parks and 100 popular Provincial Parks
* Now includes elevation data for all of the US, Canada and Mexico

I also have a rugged laptop I use out in the wilderness. A XR-1 Gobook that I've transferred Topo USA and Topoquads, from my PC over to.

Which is fairly simple, basically all you need to do is copy the "Delorme Docs" Folder to the new PC or laptop.

Topo USA has a "Delorme Docs" folder where it stores it's draw files, project files, import and export files and other data, image, etc. files related to Topo USA.

What I normally do is save Topo USA's "Delorme Docs" folder on a backup drive, memory card, cd or dvd. Then copy the "Delorme Docs" directory to the boot drive of the new PC. It's good idea to backup this folder on separate media as all that information potentially can become lost or trashed.

I also copy different versions of map databases that can be used with Topo USA such as e.g. TopoQuads, other version of Topo USA, etc. to the Delorme Docs folder. Each map database has it's own folder or folders when split into regions.

Once you install Topo USA onto your a different PC or laptop all you need to do is configure Topo USA to see and use the map databases.

By default Topo USA will look for "Delorme Docs" folder on either the boot drive or the same drive Topo USA is installed.

When you open a draw, route and other types of files Topo USA normally remembers where you open these files (which is normally from the Delorme Docs folder)

All your pois and routes should have been saved on your other PC's Delorme Doc folder. However in case you had the previous installation configured other than the default, you would need to find and copy these files over to the new PC. I recommend making certain all your files (other than program files) are stored in one folder which by default is the "Delorme Docs" folder.
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