GPS Receiver: Bluetooth or USB?
Thanks for all those links. Even Americans and Canadians can fall afoul of Schengen restrictions. For instance, you will not be accepted into the zone if your passport expires in less than 60 days regardless of the length of time you will be in the zone. And British Airways, for one, will sell you a ticket into the zone, take your money without alerting you to the problem even though they know your passport expiry, and then not let you onto the plane.

I speak from Personal Experience.
There is a workaround for 90 day limit.

Enter Schengen for 1 day to trigger 90 days in 180 days. Re-enter on day 91. Exit on day 180. Re-enter on day 181 and stay until day 270.

This assumes it is a fixed 180 day period and not a rolling one.
This may also work for USA that also has 90 day limit.

However, leaving USA to visit anywhere in Western Hemisphere (such as visiting Canada or Mexico) doesn't stop clock. You would have to go another continent.
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