Columbus V-800 GPS receiver
Anybody have any experience with the Columbus V-800 GPS receiver?

In this comparison of different GPS chipsets, it's in the list of those using the most sensitive chipset listed, the MTKII 3329, which beats the SiRFIV by 2dB.

What is even more noteworthy is that it supports 5Hz refresh, for a much lower price than the GlobalSat 5Hz receivers. $40 on Amazon.
Interesting product and the price is certainly right. But my testing suggests the GLO outperforms it by a pretty wide margin. They claim 2 meter accuracy 50% of the time, I got 4 foot (1.25m) accuracy 50% of the time. The Columbus claims 8m accuracy 95% of the time while I saw 4 meter accuracy 95% of the time (and 3 meters at 89%). I believe Garmin states 3 meter accuracy for the GLO in their specs.

See this for my methodology: http://forums.gpsreview.net/discussion/30108/what-is-gps-accuracy-testing-the-garmin-glo-in-the-forest

Of course the GLO costs $100 ($80 for a refurb at GPSCity), but you get bluetooth and a 10hz refresh rate. Still, for someone who needs a USB device, this looks pretty good for $40.
GLO also has GLONASS, so maybe that made the difference in your real-world testing?

Also, maybe they're being conservative (imagine that!) in their ratings, vs. your real-world test?

Although, in most areas, if there's an unobstructed view of the sky, there are more than enough GPS satellites for a good 3D fix.

One other thing is, the Garmin GLO isn't intended to be permanently mounted on the outside of a vehicle.

Even the BU-353-S4-5Hz can be mounted outside, and that's one thing I like even better about GlobalSat's bulkhead version: MR-350P-S4-5Hz, but it's pricey.

10Hz refresh is usually a feature useful for aviation applications.
IMO, 5Hz refresh is plenty fast enough for motor vehicles, unless trying to set a new land speed record.
Location accuracy, per manufacturer specs:

Garmin GLO: "Accuracy: 3 meters"

GlobalSat BU-353-S4: "Accuracy: <2.5m 2D RMS SBAS Enabled"

GlobalSat BU-353-S4-5Hz: "Accuracy: <2.5m 2D RMS SBAS Enabled"

Columbus V-800: "Accuracy: With DGPS corrected (EGNOS / WAAS): 2.0m/CEP(50%)"

Best pricing for some of the US GlobalSat recievers is on ebay, where they are currently selling directly for a lot less than on Amazon. Not all receivers GlobalSat are on there though.

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