External GPS antennas?
I noticed on GlobalSat's website (and other sites), a number of different external GPS antennas.

I know these are not a GPS receiver, just antennas for a receiver, but most GPS receivers have an internal antenna and (AFAIK) no way to connect an external antenna.

Mounting an external antenna might be preferable to mounting the entire receiver externally, but what GPS receiver, if any, is out there that can use them?

I suspect that these external GPS antennas only work with some specialized receivers.
The high end Garmin handhelds have always had them. My Montana 600 has one for example and so does my old GPSMap 60csx. Pretty sure that all of the GPSMap series has them in addition to the Montana and Monterra series, but not the Oregon or eTrex.

These devices can be put into a mode that sends NMEA or Garmin proprietary data, but of course they would be a very expensive option if you just want something for a laptop or tablet.
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