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Hello all. First post and it may be a long shot. I have been using Mapsource for about seven years and love it. About 6 six months ago the little Mapsource icon disappeared from each file although it would still open as the default viewer for gpx files so it didn't bother me. I recently installed GPS Trackmaker to be able to easily convert shape files to gpx and then use in Mapsource. The problem now is that GPS Trackmaker has made itself the default program and no matter where I try to change that either through control panel defaults, open with or the properties box it will indicate that mapsource is the default but the icon for GPS Trackmaker is on every gpx file and it will open with that program. The work around is to open Mapsource and then open a file that way but it is anoying to not be able to just double click a file and it opens in Mapsource. Any thoughts, I could remove GPS Trackmaker but that spells defeat.
I did a quick install of that program and you are right. There appears to be no way to redirect the gpx files back to MapSource. Even when 'Open with...' claims to be set appropriately, they still open in TrackMaker. I quickly uninstalled it.

Maybe you should get in touch with the program developer.

Not familiar with GPS Trackmaker, but as an alternative you might have a look at qGIS and DNRGarmin, they are free and should also be able to convert shapefiles to tracks.



qGIS is a very impressive all-around GIS application capable of doing many things but there is certainly a learning curve.
Many thanks to both tcassidy and Boyd. I didn't expect anyone would try it, actually never entered my mind. On the strenght of that I will remove it after some screen shots and get on to the developer. Ill have a look around their own forums and see if it is a topic. I have at one time looked at qgis and its beyond both my capabilities and needs but I will have a look at theDNRgarmin.
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