GPS Gate Location Sensor Add-In
I am testing a Lenovo Yoga Book with Windows. It is one of the few (that I know of) Windows tablets that has a GNSS chip. This means it provides location information to Win 10 mapping programs directly. Of course, I wanted to test it with older software requiring NMEA type data. I tried GPS Reverse from Turbo IRC which installed fine. However, the output was not usable for some reason. It was stuck at 0 degrees for latitude and longitude.I also tried Localizer from Centrafuse, both the GUI and non-GUI versions, but neither version would install without an error message regardless of what I tried.

Finally, I remembered GPS Gate had released an add-in for their GPS Gate Splitter (formerly Client) product. As I already had the Client installed, I downloaded and installed the add-in. Just a matter of choosing the Windows Location API for input. It worked perfectly and allowed me to test Mobile PC and S&T 2013 successfully on this device.

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