Cost of map of Cayman Islands
Hi all, can anyone tell me the cost of the NAVTEQ map of the Cayman Islands for in dash car gps system, it is for a 2011 Nissan Leaf.

Thanks in advance.

You will probably have to contact either Nissan or the company that made the in-dash system. These systems are generally not user-upgradeable. What map is currently installed? Is the unit made by Garmin? Garmin's City Navigator North America map should include the Cayman islands. If you had a regular Garmin unit, this would be the least expensive way to get that coverage. But I have no idea whether your device is made by Garmin or if it's compatible.

BTW, there is no longer a company named "Navteq". It is now called "HERE". Garmin gets their map data from them however.


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