Delorme Topo North America 9.0 updates

I'm trying to find out if any updates exist or existed at one time for Delorme Topo North America 9.0?

I recently purchased a used copy of Topo North America 9.0 off eBay to upgrade older the version(s) I've been running from a PC and Laptop.

When Delorme was in business I passed on some of the upgrades offers for registered users of Delorme software products.

I've started using Delorme mapping software products years ago when they first arrived on the market, such as Street Atlas, Topo USA, Topoquads, mapping softwares for handhelds, Xmap, etc. and have older versions, but nothing more recent.

I ran across a used copy of Topo USA 9.0 on eBay for just under $50.00 with shipping. Which I though was a fairly good deal as Delorme Topo USA is difficult to find anywhere on the Internet.

Description: DeLorme Topo North America Version 9.0, for use with DeLorme GPS devices Earthmate PN-30 and newer

Included in the software package are six DVD discs

Topo North America DVD (plastic case))

(DVDs in paper sleeves)

Northwest U.S.
Northeast U.S.
Southwest U.S. and Mexico
Southeast U.S.

I'm certain will run ok as-is however I'm wondering if there were ever any updates for Topo North America 9.0?
Is the Topo version able to import POI like Street Atlas plus?
Albert, how is the Topo 9 and PN-30 workout? I just ordered a Topo 10 and looking for a PB GPS to go with it. Still looking for a 2015 Street Atlas plus.
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