Motor Home Owner looking for GPS software or hardware
I have a 35' motor home, and am having difficulty with the google on line maps. I haven't found any software or hardware that will allow you to key in your particulars, i.e.: if you're driving a car, truck, bus or motor home, not all have exits marked on the software, bridge too low warnings, which it should know if I were able to enter that I have a MH., finding POI, etc. Any suggestions?
CoPilot RV
But this variant of CoPilot is still at version 9.x and has not been updated in more than a year.

The basic version of CoPilot (which is at version 10.x) has an "RV" vehicle type, and a choice of two heights. CoPilot also has some unnecessary annoyances in its voice guidance (e.g.: repeatedly announcing 'stay on the route' when approaching ordinary off-ramps even though the main route isn't actually splitting), but also has some features that most other nav apps do not have.
Ken in Regina
To put GoneNomad's comments about CoPilot into perspective, there a couple of things to know.

First, all of the available navigation solutions have minor annoyances like the ones he mentioned for CoPilot. They are different annoyances but each has some. And things that might be an annoyance to me might not be bothersome to you, or sometimes even a useful feature.

Second, the version 9.x of CoPilot is still an excellent version as long as you can still load the latest maps (you can, as far as I know). So if you take a look at CoPilot RV and decide you like the RV-specific features, versus the standard version (which is at version 10.x), you should be fine to go with it.

I have the standard version of CoPilot on my Android phone and Android tablet. I think the last version of CoPilot I had loaded on my Windows laptop was 8.x. To be perfectly honest, although there have been lots of cosmetic user interface changes I don't find that there has been any huge overall improvement. How you react to the changes that have been made over time are very much a personal preference thing, in my opinion.

Overall, all versions of CoPilot have been very good choices for navigation and if you have RV-specific needs it's worth looking at. It's one of the few (maybe the only one) that does RV and Trucker versions.

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