Windows 10 Power Plans
Ken in Regina
I have a small problem that Terry and I have been kicking around offline without much success. It's a problem I've been having on my Surface Pro Tablets for at least the last three releases to Windows 10.

Background: Normally if I right click on the battery meter in the Notification area there are three power plans to choose from: Power Saver, Balanced, High Performance. After a major release upgrade I lose access to all but the Balanced power plan. That is, they disappear from the list of power plans when I right click the battery meter and select Power Options (or go to Power Options in the Control Panel).

I found a fix to restore them to that list that worked on the 1511 to 1607 and 1607 to 1703 upgrades. This involved a minor registry change.

Unfortunately that simple fix did not work for the recent 1703 to 1709 upgrade.

On my Surface Pro 3 I have only the Balanced plan showing up when I right click the battery Meter and select Power Options or select Power Options in the Control Panel.

On my Surface Pro 4 I have the Balanced and High Performance plans but no Power Saver or High Performance plan.

I have done some searching on the internet as I did to find the original fix but no luck this time.

On my Surface Pro 4 I tried to create a new custom plan to mimic the Power Saver plan but when I'm done I can't find it to use it ... see next post.

Terry has checked some of his laptops and tablets but they are all over the place. Some still list all three plans and some only one or two.

Has anyone else run into this problem? Any thoughts on how to fix or get around it so I have access to all three power plans again?

Ken in Regina
Ooops, I made an error in the above.

My Surface Pro 4 also showed only 1 power plan - Balanced - after the 1709 upgrade.

I also errored about my custom plan not showing up. It does but I named it so similar to the name of the High Performance plan ("My High Performance") that just the quick glance I gave it made me think it was the original High Performance plan.

So one fix is to just create custom plans similar to the missing default ones. A nuisance but workable.

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