USB GPS receiver BU-353 is tracking *slow*
I recently installed iGuidance 4.0 on laptop using a USB type receiver BU353 this was shipped with software. I am dissatisfied with receiver, it seems to track slow, I pass roads at some distance before it shows me reaching that road. Can someone recommend a better receiver that will track faster or is that possible. Thanks Jeff
I use the same receiver. I use it with CoPilot v9, MS Streets & Trips 2007, iGuidance 4 and now with Centrafuse. I have no problems whatsoever with it.

What are your computer specs? Are you running any "intensive" programs that are eating up your cpu time?
malaki86, I am using HP laptop AMD Turion 64 X2 Mobile Technology TL-58 1.90 GHz
RAM 2.0, 32 bit OS 140 Gig Hard Drive Windows Vista SP1 Home Premium. I don't think I'am running any intensive programs. I just thought the BU-353 would track faster. I think of purchasing this receiver
i.Trek M7 Bluetooth GPS Receiver (51 ch MTK, 15hrs, 1 - 5Hz User Configurable, Dual USB/Bluetooth)
It's definitely not the computer itself. I run mine on a single-core AMD 2000+ under Windows XP & 1gig of RAM.

Try this:

When the program seems to be tracking "slow", hit CTRL-ALT-DEL and go to the task manager. Then, sort by the CPU time. The highest one should be "System Idle" or something like that.
Marvin Hlavac
Also, do you experience the *slow* tracking only while iGuidance 4 is in 3D mode? Test it in 2D mode, too. Let us know.
I think it tracks slow in all modes, but I'll compare in the different modes on Monday. I compared it against a Garmin Streetpilot c340 on Wednsday and the BU353 was also behind the Garmin C340.
Forgot to mention is last post, but when I use the BU-353 receiver with M&S Trips 2008 it will not track true on map it tracks off road running alone side of it and in squiggly lines, cuts turns. any suggestions on what could be the problem. Also will the iTrek M7 work on Garmin Mobile PC. Thanks Jeff
Sounds like S&T does not have 'lock on roads'.

Is the GPS getting a good sky view? It sounds like it is struggling to see enough satellites to maintain a 3d lock.

Mobile PC will work with any standard GPS receiver and does have 'lock on roads' but you may want to relocate the receiver just to ensure that is not the problem.


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